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Taissa Farmiga was born on August 17, 1994, and she is best known for her roles in the “American Horror Story” anthology series and as Sarah Bransford in the movie, “Rules Don’t Apply.” Farmiga made her acting debut in the film “Higher Ground” in 2011, though she originally wanted to be an accountant. Her multiple performances in the “American Horror Story” series earned her the appellation “scream queen.” Join us as we celebrate this talented actress on her special day.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Taissa Farmiga



Birth date:

August 17, 1994



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5' 6"

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Net Worth:

$1.5 million

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Taissa Farmiga was born to Ukrainian immigrant parents in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, on August 17, 1994. Her parents are Lubomyra Spas and Michael Farmiga. Her mother is a teacher, while her father once worked as a system analyst: they have seven children together, with Farmiga being the youngest. She has three sisters: Vera, Nadia, and Laryssa Farmiga, and three brothers: Alexander, Victor, and Stephen Farmiga. Farmiga is of Ukrainian heritage and has American nationality.

Farmiga was brought up as a Pentecostal Christian, as her sister Vera and the rest of her family had already converted from the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. In 2012, Drew Barrymore photographed her for Drew’s Angels in “V” magazine. Additionally, she modeled for the clothing brand launch of Miss Wu in “Teen Vogue.”

Farmiga attended public school until the fourth grade. She was then homeschooled and completed her studies. Afterward, she devoted herself to learning the American Sign Language for four years. She has said that she understands but cannot fully communicate in Ukrainian.

She rose to popularity after first appearing in her sister’s drama film in 2011, “Higher Ground” — her sister urged her to play a part even though acting was initially not her interest. Following her acting breakthrough, she starred in several seasons of the anthology series, “American Horror Story.” Her first lead film appearances were in 2013 in “At Middleton,” a romantic comedy, “The Bling Ring,” a crime drama, and “Mindscape,” a psychological thriller. In 2015, Farmiga was praised for her roles in the comedic slasher film “The Final Girls” and the drama films, “6 Years and “Share,” which all premiered at South by Southwest, earning her the title of one of the festival’s breakout stars.

Career timeline

She Makes Her Feature Film Debut

Thanks to her sister’s support and following in her footsteps, she makes her first appearance in her sister’s American drama film, “Higher Ground.”

2011 — 2014
“American Horror Story”

Farmiga is famous for playing various characters in several seasons of “American Horror Story.”

Her Broadway Debut in a Drama

Farmiga makes her Broadway debut as Shelly in Sam Shepherd’s drama “Buried Child,” currently playing off-Broadway.

2016 — 2020
She Voices the Character of a Raven

She voices Raven in the DC Animated Movie Universe, a shared universe that centers on a series of superhero films produced by Warner Bros.

Why We Love Taissa Farmiga

  1. She’s talented

    If you’ve ever seen Farmiga act, you’ll know she’s a very talented actress. She demonstrates an emotional depth that resonates with the audience.

  2. She enjoys spending time outdoors

    Farmiga has a diverse range of interests. She enjoys getting out and doing outdoor activities since she likes to stay active and in shape.

  3. Her will to advance has not changed

    Farmiga’s desire to learn and progress has remained constant over the years. This is evidenced by her narrative about her Gilded Age audition, spotlighting her ability to learn from her experiences.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She wanted to be an accountant

    When she was younger, Farmiga wanted to be an accountant.

  2. She struggles to watch her own movies

    Farmiga enjoys performing in heavy dramas but finds them difficult to watch, and she publicly acknowledged that she is easily frightened and cannot simply sit down and watch a scary film.

  3. American Sign Language training

    Farmiga can converse in American Sign Language as she spent three years studying it.

  4. She plays the guitar

    Farmiga can play the guitar and does so as a hobby.

  5. She can whistle

    Whistling is something she’s very good at and she confidently demonstrates this ability in interviews.

Taissa Farmiga FAQs

Is Taissa Farmiga married?

She is married to Hadley Klein, a screenwriter, and director after they dated for six years.

How many siblings does Taissa Farmiga have?

She has six siblings, Vera Farmiga, Nadia Farmiga, Laryssa Farmiga, Alexander Farmiga, Victor Farmiga, and Stephen Farmiga.

Is her mother, Vera Farmiga?

She played a younger version of Vera Farmiga’s character in her debut appearance in “Higher Ground,” when she was 16. Vera Farmiga is her sister.

Taissa Farmiga’s birthday dates

2024August 17Saturday
2025August 17Sunday
2026August 17Monday
2027August 17Tuesday
2028August 17Thursday

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