Summer Fontana

Summer Fontana was born on December 7, 2008, in the United States. She is a child actress who debuted in the fourth season of the C.W. program, “The Originals,” as Hope Mikaelson. “Legacies,” a spin-off show for the C.W., is based on her hugely popular character. She starred alongside Jennifer Aniston in the 2016 comedy, “Office Christmas Party.” Fontana featured in the highly anticipated movie, “Dark Phoenix,” as Young Jean Grey as well as H.B.O.’s thriller, “The Outsider.” She will also be seen in Universal’s upcoming movie, “Unicorn.”

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Summer Fontana

Birth date:

December 7, 2008



Zodiac Sign:



4' 7"

Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Summer's Social Media:


Summer Fontana was born in Canton, Ohio, on December 7, 2008, to Brian Fontana and his wife, Meredith Fontana. She is the only child of her parents. Fontana is a naturalized American citizen, but her ethnicity is not known. At present, she is a student at a nearby elementary school. This young actress is most recognized for her part in the C.W. television series, “The Originals.”

Fontana made her television debut in 2015 with the drama series, “The Seers.” In 2016, she appeared in two short films, “Basic Witches” and “Auntie.” The actress played the role of Jean Grey in the 2019 sci-fi action movie, “X Men: Dark Phoenix,” which was released in the United States in November 2018. Her other notable roles include that of Tiny in the 2016 short film “Karmin’s Selfie.” She appeared in several projects in 2020, including “Ella Bella Bingo,” “The Outsiders,” “The Magicians,” and “Wish Upon a Unicorn.”

Through her acting, Fontana has garnered a lot of attention and a significant social media following. She has a huge fan base on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. By posting her acting-related content on Instagram, she has garnered thousands of followers all around the world. She is getting close to 500,000 followers on Instagram. Her career is managed by her parents and she is said to be very close to her mother. Fontana has not received any major awards to date, but she is working persistently toward her goal to be one of the best in her field.

Career timeline

Her Acting Debut

Fontana makes her debut on the small screen in the T.V. series, “The Seers.”

A Role in a Short Film

She features in the short film, “Karmin's Selfie,” as Tiny; she also appears in “Basic Witches” and “Auntie,” the same year.

She Joins a Drama Series

She starts filming the fourth season of the C.W. drama series “The Originals.”

Her Rise to Fame

She earns accolades for her role as Maya Maitland in the HBO drama, “The Outsider.”

Why We Love Summer Fontana

  1. Her work speaks to the audience

    As a result of her remarkable acting abilities, Fontana has a large number of admirers all over the world. She is also a writer and a singer. Her fame continues to rise.

  2. Dedication towards her profession

    Even at such a tender age, Fontana is very dedicated and displays a strong desire to pursue a profession in acting and drama. She works hard and earns all the praise she gets.

  3. She is family oriented

    Fontana is just a child, but her love for her family is noteworthy. She always wishes her parents on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and their wedding anniversary.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is versatile

    She enjoys drawing, playing outside, and reading when she is not working.

  2. She loves animals

    She presently resides in Los Angeles, where she has three pet dogs and aspires to build an animal shelter one day.

  3. She has written a book

    Her book, “The Turtle Family,” is a poignant and hilarious narrative about a family of turtles who reside in the Coral Corner neighborhood area.

  4. She has a YouTube presence

    She shows her admirers her witty side in her YouTube videos.

  5. She loves to sing

    She enjoys singing and has appeared in a couple of small musicals.

Summer Fontana FAQs

Which year did Summer Fontana make her acting debut?

She made her acting debut in the 2015 television series, “The Seers.”

Is Summer Fontana adopted?

No, she was born to Meredith Fontana and Brian Fontana.

When and where was Summer Fontana born?

Fontana was born in Ohio, the United States, on December 7, 2008.

Summer Fontana’s birthday dates

2024December 7Saturday
2025December 7Sunday
2026December 7Monday
2027December 7Tuesday
2028December 7Thursday

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