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Elaine Joyce Pinchot, born on December 19, 1945, is best known for being an actress. Joyce has left her mark on the screen, from her debut as an extra in the classic “West Side Story” in 1961 to her remarkable performances as a recurring character on daytime soap operas and guest roles in some of the top television shows in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Joyce has been married to prolific artists Bobby Van and Neil Simon. She has two children and is currently a widow. We’ll help you to celebrate her special day right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Elaine Joyce Pinchot

Birth date:

December 19, 1945



Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.3 million

Elaine's Social Media:


Elaine Joyce Pinchot was born in Kansas City, Missouri, on December 19, 1945. Joyce is the daughter of Iliclina and Frank Pinchot. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and she is of Hungarian descent. She is a widow and the mother of two children, Taylor and Michael. Her interest in acting began with an uncredited role in the 1961 mega-musical hit “West Side Story.”

Joyce had a colorful career with roles in musicals such as “The Music Man” and “Funny Girl.” As a film and television actress, she was best known for playing the role of the perky, blonde and dumb assistant. Her credits in the film industry include “How to Frame a Figg,” “Motel Hell,” and “Trick or Treat.” As a television actress, Joyce was a much-loved recurring character on “Days of Our Lives” and “The Young and the Restless.” Her impressive talent was rewarded when she received the 1972 Theater World Award for her performance in the musical adaptation of the Marilyn Monroe feature film, “Some Like It Hot,”“Sugar.”

Joyce retired from acting in 1996, following a fantastic guest spot on the iconic “Beverly Hills: 90210.” She has been married three times and is the widow of revered playwright Simon. The couple’s beautiful home was featured in the esteemed “Architectural Digest” magazine in 2008. Simon died in 2018. Joyce is still active on the Broadway scene and is seen at opening night performances of new shows.

Career timeline

Her Acting Debut

Joyce dances her way onto the silver screen as an extra in the hit “West Side Story” musical.

She Wins an Award

For her incredible performance in the musical “Sugar,” the stage adaptation of Marilyn Monroe’s “Some Like It Hot” movie, Joyce wins a Theater World Award.

She Becomes a Show Host

Joyce hosts the first season of “The All New Dating Game.”

She Retires From Acting

Joyce steps back from the spotlight after completing her stint in the original “Beverly Hills: 90210.”

Why We Love Elaine Joyce

  1. She’s a hopeless romantic

    Joyce is a hopeless romantic despite having had three marriages and several long-term, covert romances that ended in tragedy or death. She focuses on relationships' positive aspects rather than their bad ones since she firmly believes that love can overcome any obstacles.

  2. She’s an active senior

    Joyce has not let age or widowhood stop her from enjoying her first love, Broadway shows. She can still be seen at opening night events.

  3. She believes in soul mates

    Joyce called Van, her first husband, her soul mate, and likened their marriage to feeling like they were always on a date. According to Joyce, soulmates are individuals who appear to have been placed in your path so that you can both provide one another with support and love while you continue on your heavenly voyage.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She secretly dated a reclusive writer

    Despite being known for being a loner, the celebrated author J.D. Salinger and Joyce enjoyed a long-lasting romance.

  2. She was a Las Vegas bride

    Joyce’s first wedding was a rocking one at a chapel in Sin City itself, Las Vegas.

  3. She played a stereotype

    Despite being a bright and intelligent actress, Joyce built a successful career by portraying the perky, gullible blonde assistant in the series she appeared in.

  4. Her husband’s work

    Joyce’s late husband, Simon’s work was interred at the Library of Congress in a glitzy ceremony in April 2022.

  5. The “Architectural Digest”

    Joyce and her late husband Simon opened their home to the prevalent “Architectural Digest” magazine in 2008.

Elaine Joyce FAQs

How did Bobby Van die?

Van died of brain cancer in 1980.

How did Neil Simon meet Elaine Joyce?

They met in passing when she was performing in “Sugar.” Years later, her husband Van suggested Joyce should marry Simon if anything ever happened to him; and 20 years later, she did.

Where does Elaine Joyce live?

Joyce lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

Elaine Joyce’s birthday dates

2024December 19Thursday
2025December 19Friday
2026December 19Saturday
2027December 19Sunday
2028December 19Tuesday

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