Hey.lexie is a YouTube personality from the United States who was born on December 19, 2000. “Lexie&Frantz,” her YouTube channel, is where she mainly posts relationship videos. Her YouTube account has over 210,000 subscribers and seven million views. Pranks, Q&A, storytime, challenges, and more are always posted on the channel. In April 2018, she made her debut video on her YouTube account, which was also the year it was founded. Let’s toast to this shining star right here.

Fast Facts

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Birth date:

December 19, 2000



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Hey.lexie was born on December 19, 2000, in the United States. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. On March 30, 2018, she created her joint YouTube account with her rapper boyfriend, Frantz. They started dating while they were both teenagers. The channel made its debut with a video titled “Q&A !! FIRST VIDEO” on April 13, 2018. The video currently has over 50,000 views and around 100 comments.

The channel’s first recording to top 100,000 views was 2019’s “PERIOD PRANK ON BOYFRIEND!!! (HE WAS GOING TO LEAVE ME).” The video currently has over 170,000 views as of June 2022. Other popular videos uploaded on the channel include
“Q&A | Things You Should Know About Lexie,” and “*Truth Or DRINK !!*.” A prank video that is considered one of their most viewed videos is titled “I’M BREAKING UP WITH YOU PRANK! *SHE CRIED*.” The video has gathered over 450,000 views as of June 2022.

She has gained over 550,000 followers on her Instagram account. Her good looks have helped her gain a reputation on the social media platform. She and her boyfriend make videos of themselves pranking each other, usually concerning their relationship. In December 2019, her boyfriend proposed to her. They used YouTube in 2021 to reveal the gender of their soon-to-be daughter. They also interact with their audience by soliciting ideas for pranks and challenges for their channel. She is regarded as an internet sensation and she has a Twitter account. The account was launched in May 2014.

Career timeline

Her Twitter Account

She creates her Twitter account in May.

Her YouTube Channel

Her joint YouTube channel is created on March 30.

She Uploads Her First Video

The channel makes its debut with a video titled “Q.&A. !! FIRST VIDEO.”

Her Instagram Account

Her Instagram account launches and is flooded with cute pictures.

Why We Love Hey.lexie

  1. Her relationship with Frantz

    She and Frantz set an example for young couples! One would expect that starting a relationship so early would only end in early heartbreak, but they’ve proved us wrong.

  2. She seems fun

    We think that one’s personality can almost be made when they’re on camera. She seems to be so much fun with her loud personality as seen in her YouTube videos.

  3. She is beautiful

    You can’t deny that the YouTube star is gorgeous! Her attractive looks have served as a magnet for drawing followers to her social media accounts.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She has a twin

    She has a twin, although the gender has not been revealed.

  2. She met Frantz on social media

    She revealed that she met her boyfriend during a Q&A video.

  3. Her first car

    The first car she owned was a Chevrolet.

  4. She didn’t go to driving school

    According to her, she just got into a car and started driving.

  5. She shares a birthday with Jake Gyllenhaal

    She and Gyllenhaal were born on December 19, just in different years.

Hey.lexie FAQs

How many children does Lexie have?

She has one child.

Is Lexie in any movies?

No, she is not.

Does Lexie have a Facebook account?

No, she does not.

Hey.lexie’s birthday dates

2024December 19Thursday
2025December 19Friday
2026December 19Saturday
2027December 19Sunday
2028December 19Tuesday

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