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Amber Katelyn Beale was born on December 31, 1994, in California and has amassed hundreds of thousands of YouTube and social media followers on various social media channels. She is well known for her style and D.I.Y. videos, some of which have amassed up to six million views each, making her extremely well-known and a social media superstar. Beale grew up loving all things makeup and took an interest in learning about beauty from a young age. Growing up in California, she was exposed to many trends and styles that she looked to replicate, and she began her YouTube channel by doing exactly that. Today, she is most well-known for her style and D.I.Y. hair-dying tutorials. On her birthday, we look back at all that this star has achieved and how she rose to fame!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Amber Katelyn Beale



Birth date:

December 31, 1994



Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1 million

Amber's Social Media:


Amber Katelyn Beale was born on December 31, 1994, in California. She grew up being exposed to many trendy styles, which she always found very interesting. She started by developing her own makeup and hairstyle tutorials and became particularly well known for her constantly changing and unique hair colors. Her professional career began back in 2009 when she released her first-ever YouTube video on her channel. It was called “Ambrehhh’s First YouTube Video.” Beale started small, with more of a personal blog diary, and she soon experimented with different makeup and hairstyles as her audience grew.

While she is very well known for her variety of makeup and styling renditions, she is also very popular for posting videos about different trends and topics that come up, using her social media platforms to express herself. As her platform and the number of followers grew, she gained more and more attention in the world of online streaming. In 2014, Beale was lucky enough to be invited to Vidcon, where she could interact and network with other fellow YouTube stars.

As the years went on, Beale continued to get more and more followers on many platforms. However, her YouTube channel grew even faster, gaining her more and more views on the different videos that she posted. In 2015, she released a popular video where she was joined by her mother to do a whisper challenge. Many of her followers loved to see her interactions with her mother, as her family was rarely seen on her social media. In 2017, Beale once again reached new heights, posting one of her most well-known videos, which was titled “Neon Princess Hair.” We love to see more content from Beale, and it does not seem that this YouTube star will slow down anytime soon! We cannot wait to see more from her!

Career timeline

She Releases “Ambrehhh's First YouTube Video”

Beale’s career on YouTube begins with the release of her first video onto her account.

She Attends Vidcon

She meets YouTuber Leda Muir, a fellow beauty and style icon, at Vidcon, which offers an exciting opportunity for the young star to network with other YouTube enthusiasts.

She Features Her Mom

She posts a video titled "Whisper Challenge" with her mother Brenda.

Her Most Popular Videos

Beale posts one of her most well-known videos titled “Neon Princess Hair.”

Why We Love Amber Katelyn Beale

  1. She is down to earth

    Despite her rise to fame, Beale has remained down to earth and has kept most of her life private, despite her enormous following. She doesn’t let her fame get to her head and is always kind to her followers.

  2. She loves to try new things

    Few people would be brave enough to head to the shops with rainbow-colored hair — and Beale is one of them. She loves trying new things and is not put down by negativity. She inspires us to do what we love, without worrying about the next person’s opinion.

  3. She loves her family

    While not much is known about Beale's family, she has done a video with her mother, and we could tell the two are very close. The whisper challenge video had thousands of views, and fans loved watching the amazing relationship between the two.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She gets around six million views

    If you didn’t already know how famous Beale is, her videos gaining over six million views are clear that this young lass is a popular star.

  2. She met Leda Muir

    Beale is a big fan of fellow YouTuber Leda Muir and got to meet her in person in 2014.

  3. She loves animals

    While you may just think that cheetah print clothing is as close as Beale gets to animals, she is actually an animal lover.

  4. She is close to her mom

    Beale is reportedly very close to her mother — in 2015, she and her mom starred in a whisper challenge video on her channel.

  5. She is very private

    Although she has thousands of followers across different social media platforms, Beale prefers to keep her life on the down low and is a very private person.

Amber Katelyn Beale FAQs

Is Amber Beale married?

No, Beale is not yet married, nor is she currently dating anyone.

Does Amber Beale have children?

No, Beale does not have any children.

What is Amber Beale’s most popular video?

One of her most popular videos is “How to Do Rainbow Hair.”

Amber Katelyn Beale’s birthday dates

2024December 31Tuesday
2025December 31Wednesday
2026December 31Thursday
2027December 31Friday
2028December 31Sunday

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