Harvey Mills

Harvey Mills, born on December 31, 2002, started his career with his twin brother Max Mills. He had the passion to become an actor from an early age when he was only five years old. From television shows and commercials, he got his initial break. Meanwhile, he also worked in theater productions. This young and charming guy gained popularity after posting his singing videos on social media. We will now go through the interesting facts and stories about him as we’re celebrating his birthday right here!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Harvey Kitt Mills

Birth date:

December 31, 2002



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Harvey's Social Media:


Harvey Mills’s passion had always been acting in the beginning. However, later, he idealized singing and loved spending time practicing it. Finally, the breakthrough he wanted came, thanks to the television shows and commercials he was involved in. After becoming quite famous and saving enough money, he got into a singing career. Throughout his career, he has recorded several remarkable songs in several genres. It helped him become a notable personality and got him the chance to work in the music industry.

In 2009, Mills played the part of Benjamin in the West End’s production of “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.” In 2012, he starred in the Channel 4 short film “Double Take” alongside his twin brother. In 2015, at the age of 12, he took part in the U.K. tour of the production of “The Sound of Music,” co-starring his brother again. He joined the social platform musical.ly in March 2016 and began creating his videos by lip-syncing to songs by a variety of musicians, including Shawn Mendes, Avicii, and Bastille, before creating his own original content. Mills and his brother released their debut track ‘One More Day in Love’ in December 2016 following their success with musical.ly. In January 2017, a cover of D.J. Snake and Justin Bieber’s song ‘Let Me Love You’ was released, followed by the original song ‘Stuck on the Ceiling’ and their cover of The Vamps ‘Words’ in October and November 2017. Mills and his brother also released their first Christmas single, ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday’ in December 2017.

2020 was an active year for Mills and his twin brother. He revealed earlier that year he would co-host Nickelodeon Slimefest 2021 alongside Jordan Banjo, Perri Keily, and Holly H. In April 2020, he raised almost £7,000 for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and the Sebastian’s Action Trust by hosting a 24-hour live stream. In late 2020, he announced a U.K. 10-date tour, titled This is Not a Phase, for August 2021, as well as the release of a new single named ‘Worry a Little Less’ with Frtyfve Records. The next year, in 2021, he again released new singles with his brother under the same label, including ‘Lonely’ and ‘She Moves in Her Own Way.’

Career timeline

Mills’s Acting Debut

In “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert,” Mills makes his first play.

His Acting Career

He stars in the short film “Double Take” with his twin brother.

His Song Cover

Mills and his brother release a cover of ‘Let Me Love You’ by D.J. Snake and Justin Bieber.

His Extended Play Debut

Along with his brother, he releases his first extended play, “Coming Soon.”

Why We Love Harvey Mills

  1. He loves animals

    He is in love with his cat! He posts photos and videos of his cat frequently on his social media. It shows that he is fond of animals.

  2. He does charity

    He and his brother became Charity Patrons for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity. They often say that they're excited and proud to have been asked to be patrons of the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity. They say the staff and kids they visit at the hospital are such an inspiration, and they're honored to become Charity Patrons.

  3. He is generous in any condition

    He loves visiting the kids at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, but due to the pandemic, he couldn't do it. In April 2020, Mills hosted a 24-hour live stream alongside his brother to raise money for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and the Sebastian’s Action Trust, and they raised over £7,000.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His favorite food

    Mills is obsessed with waffles.

  2. His favorite song

    He loves to sing ‘Migraine’ by 21 Pilots.

  3. His covers

    He started his singing career by doing Bob Marley and Avicii covers.

  4. His hobbies

    Despite being busy with his career, he always makes time for his hobbies — making videos and traveling.

  5. His favorite colors

    He really loves pink and purple.

Harvey Mills FAQs

Who is older out of Max and Harvey?

Harvey is two minutes older.

Where do Max and Harvey go to school?

They attended Yateley High School in Hampshire.

Where do Max and Harvey live now?

They live in East Berkshire.

Harvey Mills’s birthday dates

2024December 31Tuesday
2025December 31Wednesday
2026December 31Thursday
2027December 31Friday
2028December 31Sunday

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