Rockabillykitty was born in Los Angeles, California, on September 27, 1991. She’s an “Animal Jam” gamer known for her contributions to the “Animal Jam – Play Wild!” player community. She created videos about the video game, entertaining parodies, and game-related skits, highlighting her distinct sense of humor. During her time on the Internet, she amassed around 470,000 subscribers and 912,100 views. Unfortunately, she has since retired from YouTube, cutting her budding career short.

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Birth date:

September 27, 1991



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Net Worth:

$1.5 million

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Rockabillykitty was born in Los Angeles, California. We don’t have much information about her parents or siblings, but we do know about the substantial online family she created. This fantastic girl knew how to forge her place in the fierce world of video games within the YouTube platform using her personality and “Animal Jam.” If you have no idea what this cute game is about, don’t worry. We’ll fill you in.

Animal Jam is a massively multiplayer online (M.M.O) game created by WildWorks. Although it’s recommended for children 12 years old and below, older players can’t help enjoying the game. It was developed in 2010 in partnership with the National Geographic Society and quickly rose in popularity. By the end of 2020, the game had 3.3 million monthly players and roughly 130 million registered players across the globe since its release. It uses puzzles, minigames, social interactions, and different quests to help players learn about zoology in the cutest way possible. The “Animal Jam” franchise has also expanded to books, toys, and board games.

Although Rockabillykitty is no longer producing videos, we can still find compilation videos made by her fans and followers about her best moments online. In addition, numerous followers have made videos trying to explain her sudden departure from the platform and the disappearance of her channel in 2019. While we don’t know exactly what happened because she’s never spoken about it, many of her loyal subscribers still await her return.

Career timeline

Her First YouTube Channel

Rockabillykitty creates her YouTube channel.

2010 — 2013
She Gets Her Degree

She goes to college to earn a degree.

Her YouTube Debut

She uploads her first video to the platform.

Bye, YouTube

Rockabillykitty posts her final YouTube video.

Why We Love Rockabillykitty

  1. She’s dedicated and committed

    Rockabillykitty is excellent at what she does — playing video games and being funny — and she never stopped pursuing her academic dreams. That’s how she graduated from college despite her many responsibilities as a content creator!

  2. She isn’t shy about her talent

    She’s a multitalented girl, and she’s definitely not shy about it! Rockabillykitty showed off her artistic abilities by uploading a picture she drew based on a fellow YouTuber’s avatar.

  3. She created a community

    Rockabillykitty belonged to a community of “Animal Jam” players. She encouraged her followers to embrace their quirks and be proud of who they are.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her channel had a different name

    When she first registered her YouTube channel, her username was “kataraxhinata.”

  2. She had another career

    Apart from being a content creator, she also worked as a graphic artist.

  3. She was famous online

    Different websites have placed her among the most famous celebrities born on December 27.

  4. She branched out

    Apart from “Animal Jam” content, she also played the popular game “Roblox” in some of her videos.

  5. She’s a mystery

    Although there have been various fan theories, no one knows exactly why she stopped posting videos online.

Rockabillykitty FAQs

Is Rockabillykitty on Twitter?

She has a Twitter account, but it hasn’t been updated since 2017. She’s lost many followers since then.

Does Rockabillykitty have a Twitch account?

No, she has no presence on social media apart from her Twitter account.

Did Rockabillykitty edit her videos?

Yes, she used to enjoy every part of the content creation process during her YouTube career.

Rockabillykitty’s birthday dates

2024September 27Friday
2025September 27Saturday
2026September 27Sunday
2027September 27Monday
2028September 27Wednesday

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