Morgan Adams

Morgan Adams, born on August 22, 1997, is a YouTube celebrity and social media influencer. She rose to prominence after beginning to vlog on her own YouTube account. Morgan’s vlogs are usually filled with her doing funny antics, skits, challenges, or just going about her daily life. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, as her Twitter bio puts it: “The only thing I’m not joking about is that my life is a joke.” Her reputation has also been bolstered by YouTube collaborations with her more famous sibling, Ryland Adams, and close friend, Shane Dawson. Today we celebrate Adams and take note of her achievements.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Morgan Adams

Birth date:

August 22, 1997



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$700 thousand

Morgan's Social Media:


In her June 2018 YouTube vlog: “Why I Dropped Out of School,” Morgan Adams revealed that she had tried and failed to start a YouTube channel since she was 12 years old. At the time, her intended audience was her high school pals but she soon abandoned the channel because she lacked confidence and was not receiving views.

She made her way back to vlogging in 2017 and this time, her channel “Morgan Adams” received a better response. Critics have said this was due to her collaborations with her more famous sibling, Ryland Adams, and close friend, Shane Dawson. And indeed their shout-outs in all the videos she has put out have helped to draw in a greater number of views. In early 2018 she hit 2.8 million views after she posted a video “The Ghost In My House” where she details her experience with the ghost called Angie. Since then, millions have watched videos like “Talking About The Ghost With The Psychic Twins” and “Ghost Hunting in Hollywood.” In videos like “DIY Slime Challenge” and “Extreme Spicy Noodle Challenge W/ Josh Peck,” she teamed with her brother Ryland, Shane, and YouTuber Josh Peck, which became the most viewed content on her channel. Her Instagram account grew in popularity at the same time, adding to her burgeoning fan base. Adams has had an outstanding year, with over 1.8 million YouTube followers, the majority of which began watching her material in January 2018. When her recent audience statistics are taken into account, the numbers become even more remarkable. “Turning My Brother Into Me,” “My Honest Thoughts On Tanacon,” and “Recreating My Friends Instagram Photos” are among her most popular vlogs, each with over 2.2 million views.

Although Adams is frequently chastised online by people for using Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams’ celebrity to gain attention. Shane and Ryland have both stood up for her. She also produced a video stating that while many viewers came via their channels, the majority of them stayed and her subscriber list rose as a result of her efforts. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

Career timeline

The First YouTube Channel Goes Live

Adams makes her debut as a YouTuber.

The First Video is Uploaded

Adams uploads her first vlog and the video gets 200,000 views.

The One Million Subscribers Milestone

Adams gets to one million subscribers after uploading her first video.

Her fan base continues to growl

Adams vlogs attract an additional 1.8 million subscribers.

Why We Love Morgan Adams

  1. She teaches us a lot

    Adams is one of YouTube's DIY queens. She has provided us with numerous fast-fix ideas that are truly handy.

  2. Her content is entertaining

    There is never a dull moment at her site. Adams has provided us with a lot of enjoyable and interesting content to keep us well entertained and informed.

  3. Her passion is infectious

    Adams is incredibly passionate as she performs her various tasks be it baking, building, or cooking.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She’s reached out to extraterrestrial beings

    Adams built a tinfoil helmet when she was 11 years old and wore it for hours in an attempt to contact extraterrestrial beings.

  2. Both her parents are entrepreneurs

    Adams’ mother is a photographer who has regularly participated in her vlogs while her dad is a baker.

  3. This is not her first YouTube channel

    Adams has said that she has attempted to launch YouTube channels multiple times since she was 12 years old.

  4. She is among the Top 100 rated YouTubers

    Adams is number 87 in the Top 100 rated YouTubers list.

  5. Her brother is also a famous YouTuber

    Many of her fans came via her brother Ryland and his friend Shane's YouTube accounts, which were already successful when she started.

Morgan Adams FAQs

Is Morgan Adams related to Shane Dawson?

No, she is not.

Why did Morgan Adams receive backlash in 2020?

She collaborated with YouTuber Trisha Paytas who many users deem as toxic and destructive. Adams got a reaction from her fans within hours.

How many followers does Morgan Adams have on YouTube?

She has approximately 2.8 million followers.

Morgan Adams’s birthday dates

2024August 22Thursday
2025August 22Friday
2026August 22Saturday
2027August 22Sunday
2028August 22Tuesday

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