Emmi Butler

Emmi Butler, better known as Babytard, is an American YouTuber born on August 19, 2007. Butler is known for her family’s YouTube channel, the Shaytards. However, she has created a separate identity for herself on social media, which features her personal YouTube channel. So, join us to celebrate this independent young content creator on her birthday today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Emmi Laurie Butler



Birth date:

August 19, 2007




5' 4"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Emmi's Social Media:


Emmi Laurie Butler is an American YouTuber whose endearing personality and innocence have set her apart in the YouTube niche. Butler is a Leo, born on August 19, 2007, to Shay Carl and Colette Butler. She is the third child in her family and has four siblings. At three months old, Butler was the youngest child featured on the Shaytards YouTube channel. She received the nickname ‘Babytard’ because she was the youngest at the time.

Butler has been featured in countless of her family’s YouTube videos. Their family channel has about 2,744 videos and has amassed 4.82 million subscribers. Aside from her family’s YouTube channel, Butler has also been featured on the individual YouTube channels of her family members like her mother and sister. In July 2020, Butler launched her personal YouTube channel called EmmiLaurie. The following month, she posted her debut YouTube video captioned, “Q&A – emmi butler.” Butler’s debut video is her channel’s most popular video, with 102,000 views. The second-most popular video on her channel was posted in January 2022, and it’s captioned “Day In My Life | hanging with friends and family.” This video has recorded 58,000 views.

Butler is a sweet teenager who has her whole life ahead of her. However, she’s doing pretty well as a YouTuber. Although she revealed she has had crushes, Butler is yet to have a boyfriend as she is still underage. She still goes to school, and her personal life consists of spending time with her friends and family.

Career timeline

March 2019
Dance Competition

Butler participates in a group dance competition.

July 2020
Her Personal YouTube Channel

Butler launches her personal YouTube channel, EmmiLaurie.

August 2020
Her YouTube Video

Butler uploads her debut YouTube video, “Q&A - emmi butler.”

January 2022
Her Second-Most Popular Video

Butler uploads her channel’s second most popular video, “Day In My Life | hanging with friends and family.”

Why We Love Emmi Butler

  1. She’s sweet

    Butler is such a sweet teenager. She loves her family and friends.

  2. She’s cute

    Butler is adorable. She looks great in every fit.

  3. She’s finding herself

    Butler is young and still in the process of finding herself. She’s not sure about what she wants to do yet but is enjoying herself as a YouTube content creator.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She was on James Blunt’s album cover

    As an infant, Butler was featured on Blunt’s album cover for “Some Kind of Trouble.”

  2. She dances

    Butler dances competitively.

  3. Her favorite color

    Butler revealed that neon green is her favorite color.

  4. She loves Chick-Fil-A

    Butler’s favorite restaurant is Chick-Fil-A.

  5. Her grandma works at her school

    Butler’s grandmother works at her school.

Emmi Butler FAQs

How old is Avia Butler?

Avia, Butler’s sister, is 17.

When did Carl and Colette Butler get married?

Butler’s parents got married in January 2003.

Why are they called the ShayTards?

Shay Carl named his family YouTube after his love for uni-tards.

Emmi Butler’s birthday dates

2024August 19Monday
2025August 19Tuesday
2026August 19Wednesday
2027August 19Thursday
2028August 19Saturday

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