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Michael Anthony Vitar, or simply Mike Vitar, born on December 21, 1978, is an American firefighter who had a successful acting career in the 1990s. At the age of 12, he began acting when a casting manager spotted him in line for a ride at a school carnival. After playing several roles as a child in films, such as “The Sandlot” (1993), “D2: The Mighty Ducks” (1994), and “D3: The Mighty Ducks” (1996), and making a couple of guest appearances on television series as a teenager, he stopped acting professionally. What has been going on in Vitar’s life and career journey so far? Keep on reading.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Michael Anthony Vitar

Birth date:

December 21, 1978



Zodiac Sign:



6' 0.5"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$300 thousand

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Michael Anthony Vitar, known as Mike Vitar, was born in Los Angeles, California, and is of Latin descent. He is the youngest child in the family, with two other siblings. His older brother, Pablo, who played the older version of Benny in “The Sandlot,” became a Los Angeles police sergeant in 1996. He had colon cancer and died on January 29, 2008. Vitar also has an older sister named Elizabeth. In 1997, he graduated from St. Francis High School in La Cañada, California.

In 1991, he made his film debut as Arturo in Peter Maris’ action thriller “Diplomatic Immunity.” He made his television debut as well, playing Anthony Gambuzza in the episode “Boys of Summer” of “Brooklyn Bridge,” a CBS family drama about a Jewish American family living in Brooklyn in the 1950s. He also co-starred in the 1993 neo-noir mystery film “Sunset Grill” alongside Peter Weller. Set in Los Angeles, the movie follows a police officer turned private investigator who attempts to solve a mystery involving illegal Mexican immigrants. “The Sandlot” (1993) came right after. Vitar portrayed the kind, generous, and talented Benjamin Franklin ‘Benny the Jet’ Rodriguez, leading a group of mostly young actors. The film earned positive critical reviews and grossed $33 million at the box office. The movie’s cult reputation is due to the timeless story of underdogs triumphing over overwhelming circumstances, combined with likable characters.

While Vitar did not appear in the original “Mighty Ducks” film in 1992, his performance in “The Sandlot” persuaded the directors of “D2: The Mighty Ducks” to cast him as Luis Mendoza, jersey #22. Despite its negative reviews, the film grossed $45.6 million at the box office. In 1996, he returned to the role in the third film of the trilogy, “D3: The Mighty Ducks.” These films have also become cult classics in the previous 21 years. Before finally retiring from acting in 1997, he had cameo appearances on ABC’s “NYPD Blue” (1996) and CBS’ “Chicago Hope” (1997). He had once worked at Gerber Ambulance in Torrance since 1996, and the experience served as his springboard into his current job as a firefighter. He then started working for the Los Angeles Fire Department in June 2002. He married Kym Allen in 2006, and the couple has three children, two sons and a daughter. The family currently lives in Los Angeles.

Career timeline

The Film Debut

Vitar’s first film has Peter Maris’ action thriller “Diplomatic Immunity,” in which he plays a character who is accused of pedophilia.

The Debut on T.V.

Vitar makes an introduction as Anthony Gambuzza in the primary scene of the T.V. series “Brooklyn Bridge.”

The Young Artist Award

Vitar wins a Young Artist Award for the Outstanding Youth Ensemble in a Motion Picture for the film, “The Sandlot.”

Vitar as a Fireman

Vitar turns into a fireman for the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Why We Love Mike Vitar

  1. He has a remarkable personality

    Vitar is a popular performer as well as a fireman. He left a lasting impression on his fans as one of the most inspiring entertainers of his generation.

  2. He is charming

    Vitar’s vibe is alive. He is uplifting, inspirational, and charming. He is a fun person to be around. His bright charm and humor make him the life of the party.

  3. He is viable

    Vitar has a strong ‘lucky streak’ that attracts many opportunities throughout his life. He also has the skill of self-promotion as well as encouraging others. These qualities, when supported by hard work and self-discipline, reasonably guarantee Vitar's success.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Vitar as a young volunteer

    He volunteered with the Los Angeles Police Department while attending school.

  2. He had surgery

    Vitar underwent reconstructive knee surgery on one of his knees due to extreme exercise and jogging.

  3. Vitar’s dog accident

    He got bitten in the leg by a big dog named Hercules during a film scene.

  4. Vitar’s legal troubles

    “The Sandlot” star wound up at the focal point of public consideration, indicted for the attack of a young man close to a Halloween party.

  5. His children

    The names of Vitar’s children are Eli, Wesley, and Norah.

Mike Vitar FAQs

Is Benny from “The Sandlot” Hispanic?

In real life, Benny was portrayed by Cuban-American child actor Mike Vitar.

Is “The Sandlot” a true story?

Yes, it is based on a collection of childhood memories experienced by writer David M. Evans as a child.

Is Benny the Jet Rodriguez real?

Benjamin Franklin ‘Benny the Jet’ Rodriguez was a fictional baseball player featured in the movie “The Sandlot.”

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2028December 21Thursday

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