Maya Boyce

Maya Boyce, born on December 28, 2001, is a social media influencer and actress who has appeared in films like “Disney 365” (2013) and “Piper’s QUICK Picks” (2010). She is the late actor Cameron Boyce’s sister. She has over 500,000 followers on Instagram, and often uploads pictures of herself with her loved ones on the photo- and video-sharing platform. Let’s join in the celebration of her birthday.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Maya Elan Boyce

Birth date:

December 28, 2001



Zodiac Sign:



5' 5"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$1 million

Maya's Social Media:


Maya Elan Boyce was born in California, the United States, on December 28, 2001. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn. Her parents are Libby and Victor Boyce. Her older brother Cameron Boyce, who was a very popular actor, was very close to her and helped raise her. He passed away in 2019, which impacted her deeply. She is still enrolled in high school as a student.

She is currently dating Pj Diaz. Boyce was chosen to play Brenda in the film “(home)Schooled,” and has also starred in “Piper’s QUICK Picks” and “Disney 365” on television.

In memory of her late brother, Boyce assisted in founding an organization. This nonprofit started operating in Los Angeles via Network for Good. The organization offers young people artistic and creative outlets to counter violence and negativity. The foundation also uses donations and resources to make the world a better place for the youth.

Career timeline

Her Movie Debut

She co-stars in the movie "Piper's QUICK Picks."

Late 2010s
She Joins Instagram

She joins the photo-sharing app and builds a massive fan base.

She Works for Disney

She acts in the movie "Disney 365" alongside stars like Rowan Blanchard.

She Continues Her Acting Career

She stars in the movie "(home)Schooled," a movie about navigating high school.

Why We Love Maya Boyce

  1. She has so much promise

    She is an amazing actress who is currently showing a lot of promise. Her fans are anticipating her next project

  2. She is charitable

    She is a giver and is currently helping to run the Cameron Boyce Foundation. This is an amazing charity whose aim is to help young people stay away from violence.

  3. She is charming

    Boyce is a young woman who exudes charm and beauty. And her fans can't get over how cute her freckles are.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is fascinated by snails

    Boyce appears to be fond of these mollusks and has even posted a picture of herself holding a cute snail on Instagram.

  2. She protested against Donald Trump

    In 2017, she protested against some of the policies that were backed by the then-U.S. President.

  3. She is a woman of color

    She is biracial as her father is of Afro-Caribbean and African descent.

  4. She loves Renaissance art

    She often expresses her admiration for Renaissance art on her social media.

  5. She dressed up as a mascot

    Boyce was sporting enough to once don the costume of a mascot to entertain her fans.

Maya Boyce FAQs

Was Maya Boyce with Cameron when he died?

Boyce was with her brother during his last moments.

Which causes are important to Maya Boyce?

Issues like gun safety and safe drinking water for all are some of the initiatives close to Boyce’s heart.

Does Maya Boyce have a clothing line?

Boyce doesn’t have a clothing line yet but she has a depot where you can buy some of her clothes.

Maya Boyce’s birthday dates

2024December 28Saturday
2025December 28Sunday
2026December 28Monday
2027December 28Tuesday
2028December 28Thursday

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