Rarsclart Marnie

Rasclart Marnie is a British social media influencer and Instagram star born on December 4, 1999. She is also a singer and has released numerous tracks, including her debut single ‘Caribbean Boy’ in 2017. Marnie is a stunning Instagram star with a lot of potential. She works hard and is also a mother. Marnie is also a YouTuber and has uploaded several videos to her YouTube channel. She’s a talented singer, social media influencer, and content creator worth celebrating.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Rarsclart Marnie

Birth date:

December 4, 1999



Zodiac Sign:


Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Rarsclart's Social Media:


Rasclart Marnie, born on December 4, 1999, in Birmingham, England, is a British singer and social media personality who has earned fame in her niche. Marnie refers to herself as Birmingham’s princess, and we couldn’t agree more. Not much is known about her background, education, or upbringing. However, she has a sister.

In 2014, Marnie launched her YouTube channel and only uploaded the lyric videos of her singles on this channel. In 2016, Marnie restarted her Instagram account. The following year, she released her debut single, ‘Caribbean Boy.’ The oldest image on Marnie’s Instagram page was published in March 2019, when the music video to her single with Wavy Gang, ‘B.A.E.,’ reached a million views on the ‘G.R.M’ YouTube channel. In June of that year, the singer released another single, ‘Time,’ which featured Rex and Beano. Marnie released several more singles like ‘More Than a Woman’ in 2019, which a singer named Maffia remixed. She released ‘Trust In You’ and ‘Aint On Shit,’ featuring TeeZandos, in 2020.

As a social media personality and singer, Marnie’s personal life is public domain. She began dating Rylee in October 2016, and by 2019, she welcomed a daughter with him. It’s unclear when Marnie and Rylee broke up. We drew this conclusion because she doesn’t follow him on Instagram. Nevertheless, Marnie is in a thriving relationship. Her mystery man gifted her numerous presents for Valentine’s day. The singer and Instagram star share her life with her adorable daughter, family, and friends.

Career timeline

She Create an Instagram Account

Marnie restarts her Instagram account.

She Releases Her Debut Single

Marnie releases her debut single, ‘Caribbean Boy.’

She Releases B.A.E

Marnie releases ‘B.A.E’ featuring Wavy Gang.

She Releases ‘Aint On Shit’

Marnie releases the single ‘Aint On Shit’ featuring TeeZandos.

Why We Love Rarsclart Marnie

  1. She’s talented

    Marnie is a talented singer. Her voice is incredible.

  2. She’s stunning

    Marnie is very stunning. She looks great in every outfit.

  3. She’s a great mother

    Marnie is a great mother. She adores her daughter.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She was assaulted

    Marnie got assaulted by Louai Ali, who later got imprisoned for murder.

  2. She was once homeless

    Marnie was homeless in 2019.

  3. Her daughter has an Instagram account

    Marnie’s daughter has an Instagram account, which she manages.

  4. Her daughter is her spitting image

    Marnie’s daughter looks exactly like her.

  5. She gets her lashes done

    Marnie gets her lashes fixed often.

Rarsclart Marnie FAQs

How many relationships did Rarsclart Marnie have?

She has had at least one relationship in the past.

Who is Rarsclart Marnie’s sister?

Marnies’ sister is known as Nay Nay.

What is the name of Rarsclart Marnie’s daughter’s name?

Marnie’s daughter’s name is Milan.

Rarsclart Marnie’s birthday dates

2024December 4Wednesday
2025December 4Thursday
2026December 4Friday
2027December 4Saturday
2028December 4Monday

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