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Marisa Tomei is a stunning Italian-American actress born on December 4, 1964. She is best known for several roles in “What Women Want” (2000), “Spider-Man: Homecoming” (2017), and many more. Tomei is an incredible actress whose career goes back to 1983. Hence, with almost four decades of experience, Tomei has garnered reverence and success in Hollywood. She also has accolades to show for it, like an Academy Award and three SAG nominations. Tomei’s journey is worth celebrating on her special day today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Marisa Tomei

Birth date:

December 4, 1964



Zodiac Sign:



5' 5"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$25 million

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Marisa Tomei is an American actress whose talents and lengthy filmography have earned her recognition. She’s a Sagittarius, born on December 4, 1964, in Brooklyn, New York, and is the daughter of Adelaide Bianchi and Gary Tomei. Tomei grew up with her brother, Adam. She is of Italian descent and graduated from Edward R. Murrow High School. Broadway enthralled young Tomei, especially shows her parents took her to and she decided she wanted to become an actress. Tomei attended Boston University.

Tomei’s early career features appearances in films like “The Flamingo Kid” (1984), which was her film debut, and “The Toxic Avenger” (1984) before playing Marcy Thompson in 19 episodes of “As the World Turns.” Several films later, she played Mona Lisa Vito in “My Cousin Vinny,” which earned her 1993 Best Supporting Actress Award at the Academy Awards. The actress then appeared in “Untamed Heart” (1993), “The Paper” (1994), “The Perez Family” (1995), “Unhook the Stars” (1996), and “A Brother’s Kiss” (1997), etc. At the dawn of the new millennium, Tomei appeared in “What Women Want” (2000), a commercial success. Her role in “In the Bedroom” (2001) earned her several nominations, including her first Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress. In 2003, Tomei played Linda in one of her biggest commercial hits, “Anger Management.” Several films later, Tomei played Molly in “Cyrus” (2010). In 2016, Tomei was May Parker in “Captain America: Civil War” (2016). A role she reprised in several M.C.U. films like “Spider-Man: Homecoming” (2017), “Avengers: Endgame” (2019), etc. Tomei’s most recent casting in a movie was as Katrina in “She Came to Me,” now in post-production and due to be released in 2023.

Tomei runs a tight ship concerning her personal life for such a successful actress. She was in a relationship with Logan Marshall-Green from 2008 to 2012 but is currently single and has never been married. She lives a fulfilling and successful life surrounded by family and friends.

Career timeline

She Stars in “As the World Turns”

Tomei plays Marcy Thompson in 19 episodes of “As the World Turns.”

She Stars in “My Cousin Vinny”

She stars as Mona Lisa Vito in “My Cousin Vinny.”

She is Cast in “What Women Want”

Tomei plays Lola in “What Women Want.”

She Stars in the Movie “Cyrus”

Tomei plays Molly in “Cyrus.”

She Plays in “She Came To Me”

Tomei is cast as Katrina in “She Came to Me.”

Why We Love Marisa Tomei

  1. She’s an activist

    Tomei is passionate about several causes, including voting. She has drawn attention to VoteRiders, which helps with Voter I.D. assistance.

  2. She’s a gifted actress

    Tomei is a talented actress. She has an unbelievable range and is completely immersed in every role.

  3. She’s stunning

    Tomei is gorgeous. She looks stunning in every outfit she wears.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her brother is an actor

    Tomei’s younger brother, Adam, is also an actor.

  2. She’s not a fan of marriage

    In 2009, Tomei revealed she isn’t a “big fan” of marriage.

  3. Her grandparents raised her

    Her grandparents partially raised Tomei.

  4. She lived her greatest fear

    Tomei’s greatest fear was tripping while she received her Oscar, and she did just that.

  5. She was Lisa Bonet’s roommate

    Tomei and Bonet were roommates in real life.

Marisa Tomei FAQs

Did Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. date?

Yes, they did, back in 1994.

Is Marisa Tomei from Sicily

Tomei is a quarter Sicilian as her maternal grandmother has Sicilian roots.

How did Marisa Tomei make it on “Seinfeld?”

According to Tomei, the “Seinfeld” producers called, and she agreed to be in the cameo.

Marisa Tomei’s birthday dates

2024December 4Wednesday
2025December 4Thursday
2026December 4Friday
2027December 4Saturday
2028December 4Monday

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