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Mark Tuan, American Popstar, songwriter, entrepreneur, and rapper was born in Los Angeles, California on September 4, 1993. He’s also a member of the award-winning pop boy band Got7. He initially got a chance to audition on account of his startling good looks and undeniable musical skills. As a kid, he studied piano and violin in primary school before switching to guitar in junior high. After leaving JYP Entertainment, he began exploring solo ventures, coming to be involved in a swarm of activities, including starting his own YouTube channel, which as of today is 3 million subscribers strong. So, let’s get started and celebrate his special day in style!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Mark Tuan


Dimsum, Kim Tuan, Tuanipooh

Birth date:

September 4, 1993



Zodiac Sign:



5' 9"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Mark's Social Media:


Mark Yi-Eun Tuan, or just Mark Tuan, was born in Los Angeles, California on September 4, 1993. He’s the older brother to two sisters, Tammy and Grace, and a brother, Joey. Tuan grew up in California, though he did live in Brazil and Paraguay for years before returning to Cali, where he went to Arcadia High School. Chris Brown, Drake, ASAP Rocky, and Tyga are among his all-time favorite musicians. Tuan is said to be the closest to Jackson of all the ‘Got7’ members because they were dormmates.

Tuan hadn’t ever considered a music career, but his educators strongly urged him to learn music and compete in music contests while he was in school. Tuan consented to try it out despite his initial reluctance. He auditioned for a South Korean entertainment agency named JYP Entertainment, which ended up transforming his life. Tuan’s performance of Eminem’s “When I’m Gone” wowed the producers, after which he was promptly added to the agency’s portfolio. Tuan then relocated to South Korea, where he began formal singing training.

Tuan mastered the Korean language in addition to receiving music lessons. After around three and a half years, he was confirmed as a part of the pop group “Got7.” He became the group’s primary rapper, vocalist, and dancer. He would later record his debut single, “Girls Girls Girls” with his pop band. His good looks and delightful personality helped him become one of the most popular ‘Got7’ performers. Together with his bandmates, he appeared in the drama “Dream Knight.” Tuan’s extraordinary skills have earned him multiple prizes and accolades, and he is also quite famous on social media.

Career timeline

The Debut TV Appearance

Tuan makes an appearance as a guest star in "Dream High 2."

The New Band Arises

The band, Got7, launch their debut song, ‘Girls Girls Girls’ on Mnet's M! and it gets to number one on the Billboard World Album Charts.

The Face of Multiple Magazines

Tuan gets many modeling opportunities, including appearing on the cover of the 200th issue of “The Big Issue,” a Korean charitable magazine for the homeless.

The Inspiration to Become an Entrepreneur

In 2018 and 2019, Tuan collaborates with Represent on two special edition clothing lines titled XCIII, which refers to his birth year, and he assisted in the production and design of each piece.

The Release of His Debut Single

On the day of his last fan meet event, Tuan releases his debut Chinese song, ‘Outta My Head,’ which marks his formal breakthrough as a solo artist.

The Digital Presence

Tuan launches his own YouTube channel, which quickly gets millions of subscribers and he continues to collaborate in the modeling and music industry.

Why We Love Mark Tuan

  1. He’s got a heart of gold

    Tuan has worked with several charitable organizations. He is passionate about supporting people — primarily children — who are homeless and in need.

  2. He’s a movie buff

    Tuan enjoys watching movies and his favorite genres are horror and action. Who doesn’t enjoy movies?

  3. His ideal date

    Tuan's idea of a date is to go on a trek with his date, and his desired kind of lady is someone who can entice him to stay with her. So, ladies try your luck!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He loves learning new activites

    Tuan enjoys adventure sports such as skydiving & bungee jumping, as well as mastering martial arts skills.

  2. The reason behind his scar

    Tuan has a scar on his right hand from a tumble on an ice road in 2014.

  3. His go-to food

    Tuan’s favorite foods include hamburgers and meat.

  4. He speaks several languages

    Tuan can speak Korean, English, and Mandarin fluently.

  5. He’s quite opposite off-stage

    Tuan has a shy and reserved attitude, which contrasts with his bold performances on stage.

Mark Tuan FAQs

Which languages does Tuan Tuan speak?

He speaks English, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

What is Tuan Tuan's nationality?

He is American

Is Tuan Tuan left-handed?

Yes, he is left-handed.

Mark Tuan’s birthday dates

2024September 4Wednesday
2025September 4Thursday
2026September 4Friday
2027September 4Saturday
2028September 4Monday

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