MF Doom, born Daniel Dumile on July 13, 1971, is one of the most celebrated and influential hip-hop artists with an extensive artistic career and multiple monikers under his belt. His unforgettable and eye-catching signature gladiator mask made him an ingenious and respected performer in the industry. According to rapper Q-Tip, “he’s the favorite rapper of your favorite rapper.” Celebrate MF Doom’s birthday here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Daniel Dumile


MF DOOM, Zev Love X, King Geedorah, Viktor Vaughn, Metal Fingers, Doom, Metal Face

Birth date:

July 13, 1971

Death date:

October 31, 2020 (age 49)

Zodiac Sign:



5' 4"

Daniel's Social Media:


MF Doom is recognized as a notable artist and brand genius in the hip-hop scene. His creativity, rap flow, and originality are admired by fellow artists, making him one of the best lyricists, songwriters, and ideators in rap. He was born in Hounslow, London, but grew up in Long Island, New York, the U.S.A. for most of his life. His parents are from Trinidad and Zimbabwe. In his teen years, he and his younger brother, D.J. Subroc, formed a hip-hop group in the 1980s called K.M.D., signing with Elektra Records. Two years after their group’s album debut, his brother passed away due to a road accident. MF Doom then went on a hip-hop hiatus due to personal issues.

In 1998, MF Doom introduced his “Doom” persona where he would perform in open mic events as a masked rapper. “Operation: Doomsday,” released in 1999, became his comeback project and first full-length L.P. This marked the beginning of his future album collaborations and the use of multiple monikers for specific works. Following “Operation: Doomsday,” Dumile released “Special Herbs,” as Metal Fingers, “Take Me To Your Leader,” as King Geedorah, and “Vaudeville Villain,” as Viktor Vaughn. It was in 2005 that he earned breakthrough success with the album release of “Madvillainy.” MF Doom’s album also charted in the U.S. come 2009 and he was touring Europe by 2010.

After his European tour, MF Doom relocated to the U.K. because of a denied visa and re-entry. Following that, his music releases were mostly collaborations with other underground artists until his death.

Career timeline

MF Doom Forms K.M.D.

K.M.D. is a hip hop group MF Doom forms with his younger brother D.J. Subroc and Onyx the Birthstone Kid.

He Releases “Operation: Doomsday”

Through Fondle ‘Em Records, MF Doom collaborates with artists for the album, and each adapts a character from Godzilla films as their persona.

He Releases “Take Me To Your Leader”

The album is well-received with one critic saying that it is “arguably the most cinematic of Dumile’s albums from the turn of the 21st century.”

He Releases “Madvilliany”

Known as MF Doom’s masterpiece, the album is a commercial success.

He Releases His Final Album

“Born Like This” charts in the U.S., and is released through Lex Records.

Why We Love MF DOOM

  1. He had a strong brand presence

    MF Doom’s concept as a masked artist allowed fans to remember him for his artistry. We love his creativity.

  2. He merged his interests to create art

    His interest in comic books and natural ability as a storyteller equipped him to become an influential rapper, songwriter, and performer. He was a lover of popular culture.

  3. He kept the focus on his art

    Whether it was on stage or in an interview, he knew how to separate and talk about his persona as an artist. We love his dedication to his art.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. MF Doom was a comic book collector

    He was a fan and collector of comics since he was a kid.

  2. His persona was based on a nickname

    The nickname “Doom” came from his name Dumile.

  3. His persona was an alter ego

    MF Doom combined various supervillain characters namely Doctor Doom, Destro, and the Phantom of the Opera.

  4. He was denied reentry into the U.S.

    Despite growing up and living in the U.S. for most of his life, MF Doom was denied reentry, resulting in him moving to the U.K.

  5. He used stand-ins for some performances

    In some performances, MF Doom sent stand-ins to perform for him, explaining how he is the writer and director of the character who’s wearing his mask.


How did MF Doom die?

His wife, Jasmine Dumile, posted a message on his Instagram but no cause of death was stated.

Where did MF Doom get his mask?

In an interview, MF Doom mentioned that replicas of the gladiator masks were popularized after the movie “Gladiator” premiered, and his friend suggested that the mask was “perfect for his (Metal Face) Doom character.”

Why did MF Doom cover his face?

He revealed that “a visual always brings a first impression” and if it were the case, he “might as well use it to control the story, and do something like throw a mask on.”

MF DOOM’s birthday dates

2024July 13Saturday
2025July 13Sunday
2026July 13Monday
2027July 13Tuesday
2028July 13Thursday

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