Wyatt Oleff

Wyatt Oleff, born on July 13, 2003, is an American actor best known for playing Stanley Uris in the supernatural horror films “It” and “It Chapter Two” in 2017 and 2019. In the coming-of-age comedy-drama streaming television series “I Am Not Okay With This,” he plays Stanley Barber. He also played Young Rumpelstiltskin on A.B.C.’s hit show “Once Upon a Time,” and has starred in guest parts on several other shows. Join us to commemorate his special day.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Wyatt Jess Oleff

Birth date:

July 13, 2003



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$1 million

Wyatt's Social Media:


Wyatt Jess Oleff was born on July 13, 2003, in Chicago, Illinois. He spent the first seven years of his life in Chicago and then his family moved to Los Angeles. He began telling his parents about his interest in performing when he was just five years old.

Soon after, he landed his first-ever acting role in a Coldwell Banker commercial. He began acting in modest roles on television and in 2013, at the age of ten, he earned the lead guest star role of Young Rumplestiltskin on A.B.C.’s show “Once Upon a Time,” for which he was required to speak with a Scottish accent. While he and his mother considered passing on the opportunity, he eventually nailed the accent with the help of a dialect coach. After a few years on television, he made his film debut in 2014 with the romantic comedy “Someone Marry Barry.” His major break came the same year when he was cast to play young Peter Quill in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” the younger version of the character played by Chris Pratt. He later reprised the role in the 2017 sequel and also played Stanley Uris in the hit film “It.” Oleff’s also a YouTuber who started posting skits in May 2017.

Oleff got into a Twitter feud with internet personality, model, and makeup artist James Charles in October 2017. Charles slammed his latest film “It” as “awful,” claiming it was too predictable and didn’t terrify him. Fans of the film, as well as Oleff’s co-star Finn Wolfhard, blasted Charles on Twitter shortly after. A month later, Charles posted a video on how to perform the makeup for Pennywise the Clown, the film’s villain. After publicly criticizing the film, Oleff called him an opportunist for profiting from it. After Shane Dawson sent a hilarious tweet asking whether they might be friends, the two resolved their rivalry.

Career timeline

His Youtube Channel

The young actor starts his channel in July.

His First Major Television Role

He plays the lead guest star role of Young Rumplestiltskin on A.B.C.'s "Once Upon a Time."

He Makes His Film Debut

Oleff makes his film debut with the romantic comedy "Someone Marry Barry."

His Breakthrough Role

His major break comes when he is cast to play young Peter Quill in "Guardians of the Galaxy."

The M.T.V. Movie & T.V. Awards

Oleff wins ‘Best On-Screen Team,’ along with Finn Wolfhard, Sophia Lillis, Jaeden Martell, Jack Dylan Grazer, Jeremy Ray Taylor, and Chosen Jacobs for “It.”

Why We Love Wyatt Oleff

  1. He’s a young award winner

    Being nominated for an award, or even being part of an award-winning project, is always an honor for an actor. Both "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "It" earned Oleff a 2017 Crest Award for acting at the Catalina Film Festival. He and other cast members also earned an M.T.V. Movie Award for ‘Best On-Screen Team’ the following year.

  2. He's a young director

    It's both unexpected and impressive to find that he's also dabbling in filmmaking. For the 2019 film "Oh, Sorry," he was the second unit director. In addition, he's the director of the short film titled "Writer's Block." He's learning a lot about what it's like to be on both sides of the camera, and his directing expertise will help him advance in his acting career.

  3. He's an Instagram star

    Oleff has a large number of photos on the page. Some are about his business, while others provide snippets of what's going on in his personal life with his family and friends. If you want to stay up to date on what's going on in his life and business, we recommend following him on Instagram.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He is Jewish

    His father is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent.

  2. His favorite video game series

    “Legend of Zelda” is his absolute favorite series.

  3. He’s a pianist

    He’s been playing the piano since he was just five years old.

  4. He's a fan of comedy

    Although he's popular for his role in the horror movie “It,” Oleff has said that he prefers funny movies to scary ones.

  5. He's an avid dog lover

    His dog is named RoRo — Romani is her full name.

Wyatt Oleff FAQs

Does Wyatt Oleff have TikTok?

Yes, the actor has an account and posts videos on the platform.

How much did Wyatt Oleff get paid for "It?"

He received $150,000 in the sequel film.

How old was Wyatt Oleff when filming "It?"

Oleff was 14 years old at the time.

Wyatt Oleff’s birthday dates

2024July 13Saturday
2025July 13Sunday
2026July 13Monday
2027July 13Tuesday
2028July 13Thursday

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