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Kevin Bacon, born on July 8, 1958, was a theater major from Philadelphia who has had a famous career of immense success. Only a few people can strike that balance throughout 40-plus years of acting roles. Bacon is a well-known actor who has appeared in films such as “Footloose,” “A Few Good Men,” and “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” On T.V. shows, Bacon has also been recognized for his part as Ryan Hardy on Fox’s “The Following,” which was a huge success from the get-go. Together, we will celebrate the birthday of this legend.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Kevin Norwood Bacon


The Chip

Birth date:

July 8, 1958



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$55 million

Kevin's Social Media:


Kevin Bacon was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 8, 1958, to Edmund Bacon, an architect and urban planner, and Ruth Hilda Holmes, a teacher. He is the youngest of six children. Bacon was drawn to acting at a young age and attended the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts, Philadelphia’s Manning Street Actor’s Theatre, and New York City’s Greenwich Village’s Circle in the Square Theatre School. Since 1988, Bacon has been married to actress Kyra Sedgwick, whom he met on the set of the P.B.S. adaptation of Lanford Wilson’s play “Lemon Sky.” The two have featured in other projects, namely “Pyrates,” “Murder in the First,” “The Woodsman,” and “Loverboy.” The couple has two children and they live on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

His debut as the strict Chip Diller in “National Lampoon’s Animal House” in 1978 almost seems like an inside joke. “Diner,” from 1982, became the turning point for the actor’s career. Then came the part of rebellious city teen Ren McCormack in 1984’s “Footloose.” He waged war on a rural town for prohibiting rock music and dancing and Bacon will always be renowned for his dance moves as his character. In 1990, he had greater success with the horror movies “Tremors” and “Flatliners” before starring as a gay hustler in Oliver Stone’s “J.F.K.”

Consequently, the actor co-starred with seemingly everyone in Hollywood: Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, and Robert De Niro. In 1999, Bacon later returned to horror films with “Stir of Echoes” and “Hollow Man.” He demonstrated his knack for playing dark, disturbed characters in the critically praised “Mystic River” in 2003. Bacon subsequently reunited with his other half as director of “Lover Boy” in 2005 before starring in “Frost/Nixon” as a critical supporting character. The actor then starred alongside Amanda Seyfried in the haunted house horror film “You Should Have Left” in 2020, his first big-screen performance in four years.

Career timeline

He Starts His Acting Journey

He begins to act by taking part in a theater performance at the age of 17.

His First Prominent Role

“Friday the 13th,” directed by Sean S. Cunningham, is a huge commercial success.

He Wins a Golden Globe Award

He wins Best Actor in a Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television for his role in “Taking Chance.”

He's Nominated for a People’s Choice Award

Bacon is nominated for Favorite Crime Drama Television Actor for “The Following.”

Why We Love Kevin Bacon

  1. He is super down-to-earth

    He routinely offers assistance to tourists who are looking at Manhattan maps. He even invited a band he met in the subway for a Thanksgiving dinner at his house.

  2. He isn't afraid to try new things

    He's bold in his casting choices. He frequently takes on roles that other well-known actors might avoid.

  3. His dedication to his work is top-notch

    He goes to a significant extent to become fully immersed in his roles. For his breakout leading part in "Footloose," he went undercover for one day in a Utah high school for his role, and it had a strong effect on his work.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His father appeared in "Time" magazine

    Norwood Senior was a well-known architect and city planner nicknamed "The Father of Modern Philadelphia," landing him on the magazine's cover in 1964.

  2. He was a waiter

    Bacon worked as a waiter at the now-defunct Upper West Side hotspot All State Café before acting in "Footloose" in New York.

  3. He almost missed his role in "Footloose"

    Studio executive, Dawn Steel, didn't think the actor was sexy enough to portray Ren, but later, following a screen test, a dancing class, many wardrobe stylings, and an expensive haircut, he was cast as the leading actor.

  4. He knows

    Bacon and Sedgwick both starred in the music video for's 'It's a New Day,' which was released in 2008 to support Barack Obama's election as president.

  5. He has played seven different 'Jack' characters

    He has played 'Jack' in films "Friday the 13th," "Quicksilver," "A Few Good Men," "Apollo 13," "My Dog Skip," "Frost/Nixon," and "Super."

Kevin Bacon FAQs

What is Kevin Bacon's biggest movie?

According to critics, “Apollo 13” is Bacon’s best movie.

What are Six Degrees of Bacon?

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, often known as Bacon’s Law, is a game in which players compete to pick an actor at random and then connect them to another actor via a film in which both actors have acted together until they get Kevin Bacon — they always get to him within six people.

How old was Kevin Bacon in "Footloose?"

Bacon was 24 years old at the time.

Kevin Bacon’s birthday dates

2024July 8Monday
2025July 8Tuesday
2026July 8Wednesday
2027July 8Thursday
2028July 8Saturday

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