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John Elway, born on June 28, 1960, is one of the most prolific footballers in U.S. history. He has one of the best winning percentages in the National Football League’s history along with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Although he was first recognized for his incredible baseball talent in the early 1980s while he was at university, he eventually decided that football was where his passion lay. He led the Denver Broncos to Super Bowl Victory in the late 1990s and has remained active in the world of professional football even after his retirement. Celebrate his birthday with us today.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

John Albert Elway Jr.


Duke, Wood

Birth date:

June 28, 1960



Zodiac Sign:



6' 3"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$145 million

John's Social Media:


John Elway is one of the most famous football players in U.S. history, and rightfully so. Elway, whose full name is John Albert Elway Jr., was born on June 28, 1960, in Port Angeles, Washington. He has a twin sister named Jana. His mother is named Janet and his father, Jack (after whom he was named), was the head football coach at Port Angeles High School at the time of his birth. Along with his twin sister, Elway has three other siblings. The large family moved across the country multiple times as his father worked as a football coach for various schools during his career. Elway ultimately finished high school at Granada Hills High School in Granada Hills in the San Fernando Valley of southern California. Upon completing high school, he received over 60 university scholarship offers based on his remarkable football talent.

Elway ended up enrolling at Stanford University in 1979. During his time there, he played varsity baseball in addition to varsity football. That same year, he was drafted by the Kansas City Royals baseball team to play for the Major Baseball League. He graduated with an undergraduate degree in economics. Although he would eventually become a football superstar, he was selected to play for the New York Yankees in the Major Baseball League (M.B.L.) in 1981. Three years later, he was drafted as a quarterback for the National Football League (N.F.L.) for the Baltimore Colts. Elway started playing for the Denver Broncos soon after, which earned him his fame as a football player. He played in multiple Super Bowl championships with the Denver Broncos during the 1980s and 1990s. He won the N.F.L. ‘Most Valuable Player’ (M.V.P.) award in 1987 and again in 1999. The Denver Broncos earned their first win in the Super Bowl XXXII in 1997 despite Elway rupturing his right bicep tendon a few weeks before the game.

He announced his retirement from professional football in 1999. He was inducted into the Denver Broncos Ring of Fame and ranked at #16 on “The Sporting News” list of ‘100 Greatest Football Players’ in the same year. For his time playing football at college, he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2000. In 2002, he became the co-owner of the Colorado Crush, a team in the Arena Football League. He held this position for six years between 2002 and 2008 until the league was dissolved in 2009. Elway was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2004 in the first year of his eligibility. He then became the general manager and executive vice president of football operations for the Denver Broncos in 2011. He now gives commentary on the Denver Broncos games and the NFL in general.

Career timeline

He is Drafted Into the M.B.L.

The football star is, ironically, drafted by Kansas City Royals to play in the Major Baseball League during his first year at university.

He’s Drafted Into the M.B.L. Again

This year, he is drafted to play for the New York Yankees.

He’s Drafted Into the N.F.L.

Elway is drafted into the NFL to play for the Baltimore Colts although he will ultimately play for the Denver Broncos.

He Earns His First M.V.P. Award

Elway is named the ‘Most Valuable Player’ in the Super Bowl, despite losing the game.

His First Super Bowl Win

Elway leads the Denver Broncos to victory in the 32nd Super Bowl.

He Announces His Retirement

The footballer announces his resignation from professional football.

His Second Hall of Fame Induction

Elway is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame four years after his induction into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2000.

He Becomes a Football Executive

Elway becomes the executive vice president of football operations and general manager for the Denver Broncos.

Why We Love John Elway

  1. He raises awareness about illnesses

    Elway was diagnosed with Dupuytren’s contracture, a condition affecting the hands. He has since become part of a national awareness campaign for the disease.

  2. He does philanthropy for his team’s state

    Elway regularly makes philanthropic contributions to Denver and Colorado as a whole. He received the Mizel Institute Award for his efforts in 2017.

  3. He’s proactive about the coronavirus

    Elway has donated $50,000 to a COVID-19 relief fund. He has said he wants to play a part in ending the pandemic.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He had a knee injury in school

    The injury caused him to miss five games in his senior year of high school.

  2. He was a baseball star first

    Many people believed he would excel in baseball and not football.

  3. He didn’t like the Baltimore Colts

    At the time, the team had a bad record and Elway threatened to move to baseball if he wasn’t traded to a different team.

  4. He owns a steakhouse chain

    The chain consists of four restaurants all named Elway’s.

  5. He’s a car dealership owner

    He sold his five John Elway Auto dealerships in 1997 but still owns Toyota, Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Chrysler Jeep dealerships.

John Elway FAQs

How many Super Bowl championships did John Elway play?

He played in five.

Who replaced John Elway?

George Paton replaced Elway.

How old was Elway when he won the Super Bowl?

He was 38 years old.

John Elway’s birthday dates

2024June 28Friday
2025June 28Saturday
2026June 28Sunday
2027June 28Monday
2028June 28Wednesday

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