Park Jin-young was born on September 22, 1994, in Changwon City, South Korea. He is a South Korean singer and actor, best known for being one of the members of the boy band GOT7 and duo JJ Project. Alongside his outstanding music career, Jinyoung has also been scoring several acting lead roles for a decade. He made his debut in 2012 with the drama “Dream High 2” and is set to lead the upcoming revenge-thriller film ‘Christmas Carol’ later in 2022.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Park Jin-young

Birth date:

September 22, 1994



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1 million

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Park Jin-young was born on September 22, 1994, in Changwon City, South Korea. He is a singer and actor, best known for as a member of the boy band GOT7. Jinyoung has dreamed of becoming a performer since primary school. His mother was against it but agreed that if he would make it through his first audition, she would give him a chance. Followed by a popularity award in an SM Entertainment audition, his family’s opposition diminished. In the same year, he started taking dance classes at Busan Dance School, and in 2009 he successfully auditioned for JYP Entertainment, winning first place at the open audition with Jay B over 10,000 applicants. As his music career started to take off, so did his acting. In 2011, Jinyoung became part of the “Dream High 2” cast as Jung Ui-bong. A year later, he and fellow trainee J.B. would debut as the duo JJ Project with the single ‘Bounce.’

On January 16, 2014, Jinyoung debuted as a vocalist in JYP Entertainment’s new boy band GOT7. It was described as a hip-hop group and drew comparisons to their senior inspiration, 2PM, who are well known for their b-boying and acrobatic dance styles. Not even officially debuted, the group already had all eyes on them, receiving the nickname post 2PM. As was expected, their first E.P. release came first on Billboard’s World Albums Chart with “Got It?.” They made their official music program debut in the same year through Mnet’s M Countdown, performing their debut single ‘Girls Girls Girls.’ Shortly after their debut, the group signed a contract with Japan’s Sony Music Entertainment.

In 2021, the K-pop members parted ways with company JYP Entertainment, opting not to renew their contracts. Since leaving JYP, the members have pursued their solo careers, always reassuring their fans worldwide that GOT7 will return as a band for more releases. While each of the band’s seven members has their deals with various entertainment and management companies, this disbanded group is working with Warner Music Korea for a 2022 project, bigger and better than ever.

Career timeline

The Debut as a Vocalist

Jinyoung debuts as a vocalist in JYP Entertainment's new boy group GOT7.

The Role of M.C.

Jinyoung is the official host for M-Net’s “M Countdown” alongside Shinee's Key.

The First Leading Role

Jinyoung lands a role in the fantasy rom-com drama “He Is Psychometric.”

The Career Takes Off

He is confirmed as the main lead in the tvN’s legal drama “The Devil Judge.”

The Departure from J.Y.P.

He leaves J.Y.P. entertainment and signs with B.H. Entertainment.

The GOT7 Reunion

The group returns with a self-titled E.P.

Why We Love Jinyoung

  1. He cares about his fans

    For him, it is very important to have a healthy and close relationship with his fans. It was for this reason that he chose to learn new languages just to be able to communicate with them.

  2. GOT7 use their influence for good

    This band is using its popularity for good and to give financially. It is not unusual to see them donating part of their tour profits to young people and communities affected by financial disadvantages and natural disasters.

  3. He is a hard worker

    It took Jinyoung exactly two years and a half to debut and he is always finding new ways to improve himself as a person and as an artist. We can confirm that all the hard work has paid off.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He wanted to be a preschool teacher

    Jinyoung loves reading books to kids.

  2. He is a total grandpa

    His GOT7’s fans used to call him a grandpa for his dry jokes.

  3. He is a composer

    Jinyoung wrote some of GOT7’s songs ‘The End,’ ‘I Am Me,’ and ‘Love You Better.’

  4. He speaks Japanese and English

    Jinyoung learned those languages to communicate with his fans.

  5. He is an analog king

    Jinyoung loves taking pictures with his film camera whenever they are on tour.

Jinyoung FAQs

Does Jinyoung have a tattoo?

No, he doesn’t have any tattoos.

Why did Jinyoung change his name?

He wanted to show how much he had grown by changing his stage name from ‘Junior’ to his real name ‘Jinyoung.’

Is Jinyoung a unisex Korean given name?

Yes, it is a unisex name.

Jinyoung’s birthday dates

2024September 22Sunday
2025September 22Monday
2026September 22Tuesday
2027September 22Wednesday
2028September 22Friday

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