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Jesse Wellens was born on September 25, 1982. He is among several young Turks who rose to prominence by posting videos online. He and his former girlfriend, Jennifer Smith, started the “PrankvsPrank” YouTube channel in 2007 and racked up multiple viral videos and billions of views. Wellens’ pranks have left many internet users speechless, resulting in a fan base of millions. After the couple’s separation in 2016, he changed the channel’s name to “Jesse.” As of 2022, he has 10.6 million followers.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Jesse Michael Wellens



Birth date:

September 25, 1982



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$4 million

Jesse's Social Media:


Jesse Michael Wellens is a YouTube personality, actor, producer, and video blogger. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Steve and Stella Wellens and has two siblings. Wellens spent six years in the Air Force of the United States of America before returning to Philadelphia and deciding to pursue a YouTube career.

He and his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer “Jeana” Smith, started the “PranksvsPranks” YouTube channel to share the hilarious pranks that the two of them played on one another. The first video uploaded to the channel was the “Cinnamon Challenge.” Their succeeding videos put them on the Internet’s radar and allowed them to gain billions of views. In addition, the former couple had a second channel, “BFvsGV,” where they produced daily vlogs that gave their fans an inside look into their daily lives. Between 2012 and 2013, the two channels peaked, and “PrankvsPrank” amassed more than four million subscribers.

Wellens was also a member of the “Epic Rap Battles Of History” web series. It debuted in 2012, with Wellens playing the Spartan King and Smith portraying Queen Gorgo. In 2013, Wellens released a rap song entitled ‘Cookie Dance.’ During the height of their shared careers, they were also involved in other ventures, including the YouTube Red series “Prank Academy,” where they taught different celebrities the art of pranking. In May 2016, the couple announced their amicable separation after 10 years together. Wellens took the “PranksvsPranks” channel, renaming it “Jesse,” while Smith renamed the “BFvsGF” channel “Jen Smith.” Since then, Wellens has continued to post videos and enjoy his Internet fame.

Career timeline

Wellens Creates His YouTube Channel

He creates his YouTube channel with girlfriend Jennifer Smith.

He Gains One Million Subscribers

The pair reaches one million subscribers less than a year after uploading their first video.

Wellens Wins a Streamy

Wellens and Smith win the Streamy Award for ‘Best Prank Show.’

“PrankvsPrank” Continues to Grow

The shared channel surpasses 10 million subscribers.

Why We Love Jesse Wellens

  1. He was in the army

    A little-known fact about Jesse Wellens is that he spent six years in the United States Air Force. He demonstrated his patriotism by serving his country.

  2. He’s an actor and producer

    The talented Wellens is also an actor and producer. His credits include “Cookie Dance,” “BlackBoxTV Pranks,” and “Escape The Night.”

  3. He’s a sensational prankster

    Although there are quite a few pranksters on YouTube, Wellen’s creativity elevates his pranks beyond others. He’s also dabbled into eerie and spooky pranks that leave his audience wanting more.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He’s friends with his ex

    Jesse Wellens and Jennifer Smith have remained friends after their split and have even collaborated on new videos.

  2. He can rap

    He released a rap and related video called ‘Cookie Dance.’

  3. He has a daughter

    Before he joined the Air Force, Wellen’s ex-girlfriend gave birth to a baby girl and gave her up for adoption without his knowledge.

  4. He was in a rap show

    Wellens was featured in the second season of the YouTube series “Epic Rap Battles Of History” alongside Snoop Dogg and Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg.

  5. He has a scar

    Wellens has a cut on the left side of his eyebrow.

Jesse Wellens FAQs

Does Jesse from “PrankvsPrank” have children?

Wellens tweeted that he had a daughter that he’s never met because she was put up for adoption as a baby. It is unknown whether he has found her.

How long were Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith in a relationship?

Wellens and Smith were together for 10 years before they split in 2016.

What does the chest tattoo on Jesse Wellens’s chest say?

He has a tattoo of the Star of David with the phrase “Never Again.” It celebrates his Ashkenazi Jewish roots.

Jesse Wellens’s birthday dates

2024September 25Wednesday
2025September 25Thursday
2026September 25Friday
2027September 25Saturday
2028September 25Monday

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