Diego Maradona

The iconic soccer player, Diego Maradona, was born on October 30, 1960. Everyone who likes soccer knows who Maradona is. His characteristic game style — full of passion and leadership — is renowned among his millions of fans around the world. One of the highest-paid soccer players in history; he took his national team to win the FIFA World Cup in 1986. Maradona also coached several clubs in Mexico, the UAE, and the Argentinian national soccer team. In 2019, he became coach of Argentina’s club Gimnasia de La Plata where he served until he died on November 25, 2020, of cardiac arrest at his home in Lanus, Argentina. Today we remember the anniversary of his birth!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Diego Armando Maradona Franco


El Pibe de Oro (The Golden Boy)

Birth date:

October 30, 1960

Death date:

November 25, 2020 (age 60)

Zodiac Sign:



5' 4"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$500 thousand

Diego's Social Media:


Diego Armando Maradona, an Argentine soccer player, was born on October 30, 1960, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was raised with his siblings — four sisters and two brothers — in a poor family. Maradona grew up in a shanty town in South Buenos Aires. At age three, he was given a soccer ball as a present. Maradona immediately showed a passion for the game and great aptitude as well. When he was eight, a talent scout saw him playing at the Estrella Roja Club and discovered his skills.

Maradona made his debut as a professional soccer player when he was 15. He played for Argentina’s club, Argentinos Juniors. After five years with Argentinos Juniors, Maradona signed with Boca Juniors in 1981. Maradona participated in the FIFA World Cup for the first time in 1982. After his incredible performance in the 1983 World Cup, Maradona was transferred to the Barcelona club for a millionaire amount. In 1984, the star player was passed on to Napoli club. There, he had the most successful period of his career.

Maradona played a total of four FIFA World Cups. Maradona took his national team to victory against West Germany in the 1986 World Cup. He also won the Golden Globe for best player of the tournament. From 2008 to 2010, Maradona was Argentina’s national soccer team coach.

Career timeline

The Soccer Debut

Maradona plays for Argentinos Junior.

The Move to International Soccer

Maradona plays for the Barcelona club.

The Move to Italy

He is transferred to Napoli club.

The World Cup Win

Maradona leads his national soccer team to win the World Cup.

The Gig as National Team Coach

Maradona becomes Argentina’s national team coach.

Why We Love Diego Maradona

  1. His uniqueness

    Maradona was one of the greatest players not only for his natural talent. In the field, he was creative, passionate, and a born leader. His strong presence when he had the ball on his feet was undeniable.

  2. His charitable works

    Maradona was the ambassador for soccer for Unity. The organization aims to help preserve sports clubs, sports values, and unity among young players.

  3. His rags to riches story

    Maradona’s family was extremely poor when he was a child. With his incredible talent and persistence, he became one of the most successful players in the world. With his earnings, he helped his family have a better life.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He holds a record for fouls

    He has the record for most fouls in a World Cup match with a total of 53.

  2. He tested positive for a doping test

    Maradona only played two games in the 1994 World Cup because he tested positive for drugs.

  3. He shares a death anniversary with Castro

    Maradona died on the anniversary of Fidel Castro’s death

  4. He has the highest transfer fee record

    Maradona has the two records for the highest transfer fees — about $5.7 million from Barcelona and about $8 million from Napoli.

  5. He wrote an autobiography

    Maradona wrote his autobiography named “Yo Soy el Diego.”

Diego Maradona FAQs

How many wives did Maradona have?

Only one, Claudia Villafañe.

Does Maradona have a son?

He has two sons, Diego Sinagra and Diego Fernando Maradona Ojeda.

Who is Diego Maradona's son-in-law?

Maradona’s son-in-law was the famous soccer player Sergio Aguero.

Diego Maradona’s birthday dates

2024October 30Wednesday
2025October 30Thursday
2026October 30Friday
2027October 30Saturday
2028October 30Monday

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