Grace Slick

Grace Slick, born October 30, 1939, is an American singer-songwriter and musician who was a vital figure in the San Francisco music scene in the 1960s. She is best known as the lead singer of the rock band Jefferson Airplane and as a solo artist, with hits such as ‘Somebody to Love’ and ‘White Rabbit.’ Slick pioneered psychedelic rock music, and her powerful vocals and songwriting style helped shape the sound of Jefferson Airplane and other San Francisco bands. She is also known for her outspoken political views and works with various charitable causes. We will help you celebrate her special day right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Grace Slick


The Chrome Nun

Birth date:

October 30, 1939



Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$20 million

Grace's Social Media:


Grace Slick is an iconic female rock musician famously known for playing the lead singer role as a singer of rock groups such as Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, and Starship. Slick was born Grace Barnett Wing in Evanston, Illinois. Her Zodiac sign is Scorpio, while her ethnicity is Caucasian. She grew up in a wealthy San Francisco Bay Area family, and her parents are Ivan Wilford Wing and Virginia Wing. She attended Finch College in New York City and then returned to California to study art at the San Francisco Art Institute. She dropped out of school and began as an airline stewardess. In the early 1960s, she began singing with a band called The Great Society, featuring her then-boyfriend, Jerry Slick. The band released singles, but they were unsuccessful and soon broke up.

In 1966, Slick joined the rock band Jefferson Airplane. She achieved commercial and critical success with Jefferson Airplane, releasing many hit singles and albums. The band’s most successful album, Surrealistic Pillow, featured her iconic song, White Rabbit. She left Jefferson Airplane in 1971 and formed the band Jefferson Starship. She continued to work with Jefferson Starship until 1984 when she left the band to pursue a solo career. In 1971, Slick split with her husband and became involved with Paul Kantner, a band member. Her first album as a solo artist was Sunfighter in 1971. In the 1980s and 1990s, Slick released several solo albums and toured extensively. She has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Grammy Hall of Fame.

The personal life of Slick is well documented. She has been married three times, and she has two children. She was married to Jerry Slick but divorced in 1971. She later developed a relationship with Paul Kantner, and they had a daughter. In 1976, she married Skip Johson 1976 but divorced him in 1994. Slick has battled alcoholism and smoking, even to the point of affecting her performance. Apart from singing and songwriting, Slick is a painter, a hobby she took after retiring from music in the 1990s. She is also a philanthropist who has worked with various charitable organizations and causes.

Career timeline

Slick Forms The Great Society

Alongside Jerry Slick and brother-in-law Darby Slick, Grace Slick forms the band The Great Society.

Slick Joins Jefferson Airplane

After exiting the group The Great Society, Slick joins the band Jefferson Airplane.

Slick’s Group Releases the Album “Dragon Fly”

“Dragon Fly” is one of the most successful albums by Jefferson Airplane.

The Successful Album

“Red Octopus” is one of the commercially successful albums to be released by Jefferson Starship.

Slick’s Final Solo Album

Slick releases her final solo album “Software.”

Why We Love Grace Slick

  1. She is one the earliest female rock stars

    Grace Slick is an important figure in the development of rock music in the early 1960s. She is also one of the first female rock stars.

  2. She is a philanthropist

    Slick donated to and supported various charitable causes. This notably includes donating money to L.G.B.T.Q. charities in 2017.

  3. She is hardworking

    Slick worked hard despite being born into a rich family. She was a member of three leading rock bands from the early 1960s to the 1980s. She also had a successful career.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She sang lead in three major bands

    Slick was the lead singer of Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, and Starship.

  2. She’s in the Hall of Fame

    Slick was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.

  3. She is a talented painter

    Apart from singing, Slick is a talented painter.

  4. She wrote an autobiography

    Slick published her autobiography “Somebody to love? A Rock and Roll Memoir.”

  5. She was a drug addict

    Slick was addicted to alcohol and drugs, something she has openly discussed.

Grace Slick FAQs

Is Grace Slick Still Alive?

Yes, Slick is still alive. Despite having retired from music in the 1990s, she occasionally still performs.

What disease does Slick have?

Slick suffers from erythromelalgia, a neurovascular disease causing a burning sensation in the extremities.

Who were Slick’s parents?

Slick’s parents were Virginia Barnet, her mother, and Ivan W. Wing, her father.

Grace Slick’s birthday dates

2024October 30Wednesday
2025October 30Thursday
2026October 30Friday
2027October 30Saturday
2028October 30Monday

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