Chung-ha Kim

Kim Chung-ha, simply known as Chung Ha, was born on February 9, 1996, and has become a popular star in Korea’s pop music scene. Chung Ha once competed in Produce 101, a South Korean entertainment franchise showcasing talent in the country, where she was ranked number four in the season one finale. Later on, Chung Ha joined the girl group K-pop girl, which unfortunately was short-lived and was later on disbanded in 2017. As a solo artist, the pop star received immediate success with her song, ‘Why Don’t You Know.’

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Kim Chung-ha


Alcohol, Worry Doll, Grandma

Birth date:

February 9, 1996



Zodiac Sign:



5' 3"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Kim's Social Media:


Kim Chung-ha was born in Seoul, South Korea on February 9, 1996. When she was about seven years old, she and her mum moved to Coppell, a city in Dallas County, Texas. Chung Ha got an English name, Annie Chung Ha while living in the U.S. Her time there made her learn English and she became quite fluent in it. On beginning her journey as a singer, Chung Ha returned to South Korea after eight years where she auditioned for YG entertainment.

She became a trainee under JYP Entertainment, which is a multinational entertainment and record label in South Korea. Chung Ha proceeded to join a talent agency, MNH Entertainment, in 2016. To up-skill, she had been dancing for around seven years, although at times was faced with serious financial problems which almost made her quit her dance classes. Luckily, this never came to be and her efforts saw her graduating from Sejong University with a major in dance.

While at MNH Entertainment, Chung Ha made her debut as a solo artist in 2017, this was after she had worked with the girl group, I.O.I. on several projects. 2017 saw her releasing a couple of songs and tracks before the debut such as, ‘Week,’ ‘Hands on Me,’ ‘Why Don’t You Know,’ among others. Chung Ha has also done some philanthropic work, and in 2021 in October, she was announced as Green Noble Club’s member, which has donors who have made 100 million won donations or more, to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation.

Career timeline

The I.O.I Group Member

After releasing the mini-album, “Chrysalis,” MC Entertainment reveals the pop star as a member of the group.

The Solo Artist Debut

After being in the project girl group for a year, MNH Entertainment makes a confirmation that Chung Ha will embark on a new journey as a solo artist.

Chung Ha’s First Endorsement

In 2017, Chung Ha endorses Nike in the “Nike’s z W Korea” campaign alongside Amber Liu who is a singer and May J Lee who is a dancer.

The Single Album

Chung Ha records a song, ‘Already 12 o’clock’, which is released as a single by MNH Entertainment on January 2, 2019, and distributed by Genie Music.

The Dolce & Gabbana Girl

Chung Ha joins the beauty family at Dolce & Gabbana in April 2020.

Why We Love Chung-ha Kim

  1. Chung Ha loves her dancers

    Chung Ha is really close to her dancers. Some of them are her teachers and she has been dancing with them for a long time.

  2. She is a dog lover

    Chung Ha has a cute dog called Bambi. She loves taking selfies with her dog to update her fans too.

  3. Chung Ha helps out her mum

    She helps her mother when she earns a lot of money. And we think this is the sweetest gesture!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She prefers watching movies alone

    We love movies, and Chung Ha loves watching them all by herself as a hobby.

  2. Her name means alcohol

    In Korea, Chung Ha’s name is similar to the name of an alcoholic brand.

  3. Chung Ha has been on “Entourage”

    No, not the American series, but a Korean drama alongside her then-groupmate at I.O.I, Lim Na-young.

  4. She’s fluent in two languages

    Chung Ha can communicate very well in both Korean and English.

  5. Chung Ha keeps it spicy

    Her favorite thing to eat when it comes to snacks is Flamin’ Hot Cheetos!

Chung-ha Kim FAQs

Is Chungha under 88rising?

Yes. She officially signed with the media company in 2020, to help her reach western audiences.

Is Chungha an extrovert?

Despite being quite vivacious and having explosive exuberance while on stage, Chung-ha is an introvert.

Is Chungha a rapper?

No. The South Korean pop star only focuses on singing, dancing, and choreography.

Chung-ha Kim’s birthday dates

2025February 9Sunday
2026February 9Monday
2027February 9Tuesday
2028February 9Wednesday
2029February 9Friday

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