Johnny Suh

Johnny Suh was born on February 9, 1995, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. While fans know him on stage as Johnny, his Korean name is Sun Young-ho. Johnny was a DJ in Inlayer’s Nightmare before joining NCT 127 as a rapper and sub-vocalist. In 2007, Johnny auditioned in the SM Global Audition and was accepted to SM Entertainment in September of the same year. He also has skills as a radio host and had been hosting for NCT Night-NIght with Jaehyun. In 2017, Johnny debuted in NCT 127’s second mini-album with the title “NCT#127 Limitless.”

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Johnny Suh


Prince, Jsuh, Parrot, Johnny-cal, Aengmu John, Chicago Hot Guy, One and Only, Chicago Monster, Johntography, Ama-John, Joh-phrodite, Chicago Boy.

Birth date:

February 9, 1995



Zodiac Sign:



6' 0"

Net Worth:

$10.3 million

Johnny's Social Media:


Johnny Suh is an only child, originally from Chicago, Illinois, and was born on February 9, 1995. Johnny is a super-talented artist with skills as a sub-vocalist and rapper. These two polished skills could be because he sang in the choir in high school and he has been training for eight years. His Koren name is Suh Young-ho while his fans call him Johnny. He speaks both Korean and English and is loved by fans worldwide. For his high school education, Johnny Suh went to Glenbrook North High School and graduated there as well. He also took a course in performing arts from Maple School, School of Performing Arts Seoul, and was in the practical dance department before making a transfer.

In 2008, Johnny Suh joined as a trainee in SM Entertainment after his successful audition through SM Global Audition. Johnny took each opportunity to learn and grow during this time which made him gain a lot of experience. He even trained with EXO members; EXO is a South Korean-Chinese boy band in Seoul, currently having nine members. Johnny Suh polished his craft and was introduced as a member of the SM Rookies in December of 2013, alongside his current co-members at NCT, Ten, and Yuta. Besides rap and music, Johnny appeared on a poster for the SBS TV series, “To the Beautiful You” and on ABC News Australia’s “K-POP Boot Camp” in 2012.

Johnny Suh and his now NCT co-members have done a 90s show which they performed some songs from the decade in August 2014. The show was on EXO’s variety show named “EXO 90:2014”, and in the same year, Johnny appeared in the remake of Shinhwas’s “Yo!” MV. NCT had all its members come together in 2020 to work on a project, NCT 2020, where they would release a second full album. The group did this, releasing tracks such as “Misfit,” “Music Dance,” and “Work It” as well as their single, “Resonance.”

Career timeline

The SM Global Audition

After pouring his heart and soul into the SM Global Audition, the star is accepted to SM Entertainment.

The Magazine Debut

Johnny appears in “The Celebrity Magazine” in January 2014.

The Makings of a Reality TV Star

Focusing on the journey of the SM Rookies and how far they have come, Johnny makes an appearance on the reality show, “NCT Life,” in the first season titled “NCT Life in Bangkok.”

The Beauty Show

Johnny becomes a regular panelist of “Lipstick Prince 2”, an OnStyle beauty show.

The Second Full Album Debuts

Johnny joins his co-members in the making of the group’s second full album for project “NCT 2020.”

Why We Love Johnny Suh

  1. His life motto is awesome

    The fun doesn’t stop for this rapper. His life motto is actually, ‘let’s have fun’ and we love that!

  2. Johnny is loving and romantic!

    His co-members agree that he is NCT’s most romantic member. They also say he would be the best dad as a result of his comprehensive and sweet nature.

  3. He loves stuffed animals

    Johnny loves them so much that he sleeps with two of them, “Blue” who is a whale, and “Jay,” who is a seal. Just keep stealing our hearts, why don't you?

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He could finish a whole large pizza

    High school days meant ravenous appetites, and it wasn’t any different for Johnny who could finish a large pizza by himself.

  2. Johnny has rhinitis

    Rhinitis causes nasal congestion and Johnny breathes through his mouth because of this condition.

  3. Usher made him wanna

    Usher’s song, ‘Moving Mountains’ made Johnny Suh want to pursue a career as an artist.

  4. Johnny has pediophobia

    He fears dolls because when he was younger, his cousin made him watch the horror movie, “Child’s Play.”

  5. He loves chili soup

    Johnny loves to keep things hot with his love for his favorite chili soup.

Johnny Suh FAQs

What is Johnny Suh's middle name?

His middle name is Jun, thus, his full name is Johnny Jun Suh.

What does Johnny Suh like?

He likes to help others.

Does NCT Johnny have a tattoo?

Yes, he has four known tattoos; a sunflower, sun, and a cheetah while the fourth one is unknown.

Johnny Suh’s birthday dates

2025February 9Sunday
2026February 9Monday
2027February 9Tuesday
2028February 9Wednesday
2029February 9Friday

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