Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera was born on December 18, 1980. She’s a singer, songwriter, and actress. Born in New York, her first entry into entertainment was her appearance in a singing competition, and later, a feature in a popular kids’ show. Her voice caught the attention of record executives. She rose to stardom with the release of her self-titled debut album, collaborations with other artists, and her acting skills. In the eyes of many, she is a Pop icon, and we’d like to celebrate her day today.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Christina Maria Aguilera



Birth date:

December 18, 1980



Zodiac Sign:



5' 2"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$160 million

Christina's Social Media:


Christina Maria Aguilera is a household name and has been a force in entertainment from an early age. Born in Staten Island, New York, to parents Shelly Lorraine Kearns and Fausto Xavier Aguilera, she is the eldest of two daughters. Because of her father’s job in the army, the family moved houses quite often and settled in countries such as Japan before she moved with her mother and sister to Pennsylvania, to her grandmother’s, where Aguilera’s interest in music began. She was drawn to soul and would practice singing along to blues before landing a spot in various singing and talent competitions where she blew the minds of judges, competitors, and audiences alike with her powerful voice.

She auditioned for a role on the “Mickey Mouse Club” in 1991 and featured on the show for three seasons before setting her focus back on her true passion — singing. Aguilera was selected to sing Disney’s theme song ‘Reflection,’ for the film “Mulan,” which attracted the attention of record labels in the teen pop era pioneered by artists such as Britney Spears. She was later signed to R.C.A. Records and began working on her debut album, “Christina Aguilera,” and the lead single, ‘Genie in a Bottle,’ was released to commercial success in 1999. The album itself was a commercial success and earned Aguilera her first Grammy award. In the years to follow, she recorded more chart-topping albums, including her Spanish-language second studio album, “Mi Reflejo,” which consisted of re-recorded songs from her debut album.

The mother of two has released nine solo albums, made more big-screen appearances, and toured the world. Outside her project in the entertainment industry, Aguilera is also business-minded and has made numerous investments and endorsements to grow her brand in various industries. She has advertised for Pepsi, Sweetarts, and, more recently, Fun Wine, as their chief culture officer. She continues to be a powerful figure in the music industry, breaking boundaries and paving the way for the newer generation of Popstars.

Career timeline

She Joins “The Mickey Mouse Club”

Christina Aguilera features in three episodes of the show before eventually stepping down in 1994.

“Christina Aguilera” Drops

She releases her debut, self-titled album, “Christina Aguilera,” and it becomes a huge success.

She Wins Her First Grammy

Aguilera wins an award for Best New Artist, at the 42nd Grammy Awards.

‘Lady Marmalade’

Her collaboration with Lil Kim, Mya, and P!nk, in the record-breaking song ‘Lady Marmalade,’ becomes a major success and earns them an M.T.V. Video Music award and a Grammy award.

She Bags Another Grammy

Aguilera takes home a Grammy for Female Pop Vocal Performance, for the song ‘Ain’t No Other Man.’


She stars in a movie/musical titled “Burlesque,” alongside renowned singer and actress Cher.

She’s a Judge on “The Voice”

Aguilera serves as a vocal coach and a judge on “The Voice,” an American singing reality competition, along with Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton.

Her Eighth Studio Album is Released

“Liberation” is released to favorable reviews and is preceded by the lead single ‘Accelerate,’ which features Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz.

Why We Love Christina Aguilera

  1. We admire her charitable work

    Christina Aguilera has done numerous philanthropic works in her career. She helped raise funds for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, donated large amounts of money to aid and support victims of domestic violence, and also collaborated with various institutions that fight breast cancer.

  2. We love her remarkable voice

    Growing up, Aguilera was known as ‘the little girl with the big voice.’ This motivated her to take part in singing competitions.

  3. She advocates for self-love

    Throughout her adult life, Aguilera has emphasized the importance of self-care. Her song ‘Beautiful’ sees her speaking power to herself and her unique features, highlighting her beauty despite any opposing remarks.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She made a theme song for Disney

    She sang the theme song ‘Reflection’ for Disney’s “Mulan.”

  2. She co-wrote for Kelly Clarkson

    Christina Aguilera wrote Clarkson’s lead single, ‘Miss Independent,’ from her debut album, “Thankful,” along with Rhett Lawrence, Matt Morris, and Clarkson herself.

  3. She was a “Star Search” contestant

    At nine years old, Aguilera first appeared on television as a contestant on “Star Search,” singing a cover of Etta James’ ‘A Sunday Kind of Love.’

  4. Her music inspirations

    Aguilera considers late legendary singers Etta James and Whitney Houston as her idols.

  5. Her Grammy awards

    She has bagged a total of five Grammy wins and 20 nominations throughout her career.

Christina Aguilera FAQs

Is Christina Aguilera a natural blonde?

Aguilera has natural dark blonde hair, though she has tried various colors from time to time, including her signature platinum blonde and her redhead look.

How old was Christina Aguilera when she signed a record deal?

Aguilera was 18 years old when she signed to R.C.A. Records.

Is Christina Aguilera Spanish?

Aguilera is not Spanish despite having recorded a Spanish album.

Christina Aguilera’s birthday dates

2024December 18Wednesday
2025December 18Thursday
2026December 18Friday
2027December 18Saturday
2028December 18Monday

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