Candace Rice

Candace Rice was born on December 29, 1992. She is a model who was already working in the fashion industry before she became an actress. Rice came into the public eye thanks to her role in the famous reality show “Floribama Shore.” If you still don’t see the series of scandals and fun that the show has given us, we recommend you tune in. But if you want to know a little more about this beautiful model who gave us Memphis, we suggest you keep reading. This month, Rice celebrates her birthday, don’t leave yet!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Candace Renee Rice

Birth date:

December 29, 1992



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Net Worth:

$30 thousand

Candace's Social Media:


Candace Rice, born December 29, 1992, was born in Memphis, Tennessee. We don’t have any more information about her beginnings in the student era, where she must have studied to be a model, and how she came to be in the fashion industry in her local Tennessee. We can tell you that she is of African-American descent and that before turning to the runway, she attended the University of Memphis and began studying for a degree in journalism. It may be that this first approach is what attracted her to a more glamorous world. Unfortunately, she could not graduate as a journalist because she left school a few semesters early to begin her career in the fashion world.

At the beginning of her career, she dedicated herself entirely to modeling but what few know about Rice is that she also had different projects. It was at the age of 21 that she participated in her first advertising campaign as a model. Then, thanks to the arrival of a reality show produced by M.T.V., Rice tasted the sweetness of fame. This show is none other than “Floribama Shore.” Rice, along with her co-stars: Nilsa Prowant, Codi Butts, Jeremiah Buoni, Gus Smyrnios, Kortni Gilson, Aimee, and Kirk Medas, came to spend a vacation in a beautiful beach house to enjoy and have a good time while entertaining us with their dramas, entanglements, and craziness.

She is not married yet, but we believe she is still in a relationship with D.J. Skar, her baby’s father.

Career timeline

She Appears in Wade’s World

Though in a small role, Rice debuts in the movie, stealing the show.

Stars in M.T.V.’s "Floribama Shore"

These become the years that would forever mark her identity as a celebrity.

She Appears in “Washed”

Rice earns her second foray behind the scenes.

She Has Her First Son

Her first child arrives to shower the Rice family and all her fellow “Floribama Shore” stars with love!

Why We Love Candace Rice

  1. She has a long black afro

    This young woman is so sure of her impact on the beauty world in her short career that she already has a signature hairstyle. She couldn't have chosen a better look.

  2. She is resilient for her baby

    Rice disclosed that she had some problems during her pregnancy and delivery. Still, her strength and conditional love for the new arrival were always more muscular.

  3. She trusts her fans

    When Rice first faced the complications of her pregnancy, she did not hesitate to start uploading pictures of her pregnancy to her networks. She was hopeful that the love of her followers would be there for her, she asked them for prayers and love, and everything worked out wonderfully.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She has a second name

    Her second name is Renee, and to everyone's surprise, she uses it very often in her networks.

  2. Her shared astrology with her son

    The strong and triumphant Rice is a Capricorn, just like her son!

  3. Her Christmas gift

    Her firstborn was not only the most extraordinary gift Rice could have at the end of 2021 but also a Christmas gift, arriving on December 25.

  4. The M.T.V. family

    Several fellow actors have congratulated the new mom through their social networks, indicating how close they are.

  5. Her Instagram is growing

    Despite not being an Instagram obsessive and having just over 100 posts, the model already has over 410,000 followers.

Candace Rice FAQs

Who is the father of her child?

His name is Denzel Hardy, a.k.a D.J. Skar.

What is the name of Candace Rice's son?

His name is Maxwell Michael Hardy. A firm name for a strong baby.

What problems did Candace Rice have with her pregnancy?

The baby was born after only 24 weeks gestation, but now the little one and Rice are out of danger and having a great time!

Candace Rice’s birthday dates

2024December 29Sunday
2025December 29Monday
2026December 29Tuesday
2027December 29Wednesday
2028December 29Friday

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