National Waiters and Waitresses Day – May 21, 2019

Tue May 21

On May 21, give yourself the day off from cooking and dine out to celebrate National Waiters and Waitresses Day. Going out to eat is about more than just the food, it’s about the whole experience, and the wait staff are a big part of that. Good service can turn a good meal into a great one and is truly what makes us keep coming back for more. National Waiters and Waitresses Day is an opportunity to thank the front-of-house staff for the work they do to make your dining experiences so special. So head to your favorite restaurant and tip a little extra today.

National Waiters and Waitresses Day Activities

  1. Go out to eat

    Some people go out to eat everyday and some dine out only on special occasions. Whichever camp you fall in, National Waiters and Waitresses Day is a fabulous day to hang up your apron and head to a restaurant. Hit up your neighborhood hang or try a new bistro, but kick back, relax, and appreciate being waited on by professionals.

  2. Tip generously

    Most waiters and waitresses are salaried at or even below, minimum wage. They rely on tips to augment their salaries to a livable wage. A tip for good service is approximately 20% of the pre-tax bill. If you’ve had exceptional service, feel free to tip 25%. A tip lets the server know how much you valued their service.

  3. Compliment your server

    Although the tip ultimately lets your waiter or waitress know if you valued their work, a kind word is always appreciated! If they’ve gone out of their way to keep your drinks were kept full, accommodated special requests, made recommendations for the meal and did it all with cheery good will, be sure to say thank you and let them know you appreciated their care and attention to detail. After all, good manners don’t cost anything and it’s always nice to feel as though doing your best work is valued.

Why We Love National Waiters and Waitresses Day

  1. They help us relax

    The whole point of going out to eat is to enjoy good food, a nice atmosphere, and the ability to relax without dishes you’ll have to set, clear, or wash. Your contact person in the restaurant is your waiter or waitress, and they are happy to do all the work for you! They let us relax and have a pleasurable experience.

  2. They know what’s best

    Waiters and waitresses have tried all the food, heard previous customers’ reviews, and are experts on the restaurant. They know the best dishes, wine pairings, and are full of helpful recommendations to make your meal one to remember.

  3. Because we all want to go where everybody knows your name

    If you’ve found the perfect combination of tasty food, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and professional service, becoming a regular and making that restaurant your neighborhood hangout is one of the best feelings in the world. Develop a relationship with the waitstaff, and they they will guide you to the best foods on the menu — and steer you away from the dishes the chef has yet to perfect. We all love the feeling of being greeted by name with a cheery smile, and waiters and waitresses deliver.