June 11th Birthdays

We have 6 birthdays listed for June 11.

June 11th is the 162nd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. On this day, according to calculations by Eratosthenes, during the Trojan War, Troy is sacked and burned, the Continental Congress creates a committee to draft a Declaration of Independence, and 3 World Trade Center officially opens. Famous birthdays include Dr. Oz, Kodak Black, Hugh Laurie, and Gene Wilder. Today is National Corn on the Cob Day


Jake Webber’s Birthday

Webber’s humorous way of presenting himself on YouTube continues to earn him accolades!


Flamingo’s Birthday

Flamingo rose to prominence by streaming his Roblox gameplay on his YouTube channel.


Dan Howell’s Birthday

For this multi-talented go-getter, nothing is more satisfactory and fulfilling than a cup of victory.


Claire Holt’s Birthday

This talented actress and model is creating a relevant legacy in Hollywood.