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International Stammering Awareness Day – October 22, 2023

International Stammering Awareness Day is celebrated annually on October 22. Stammering is a communication impairment that is widely misunderstood. According to studies, stammering is a neurological disorder that affects speech production. Apart from the interruptions in their speech, people who stammer are normal. However, the myths and preconceptions surrounding stammering persist. If these beliefs are not addressed, they can lead to public bias and prejudice, affecting how people who stammer view themselves. Young boys stammer four times more than young girls. Girls are more likely than boys to recover from a stammering episode sooner in life, according to a study.

History of International Stammering Awareness Day

Since 1998, stammering has been widely known in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. People who stammer account for one percent of all humans. International Stammering Awareness Day aims to raise awareness of the issues that these people face. Stammering can occur in a variety of ways, including the extension of a vowel or a syllable, prolongation, or blockage, which is the interruption of flow or sound.

Because of the nature of this illness, the intensity of the stutter varies. Depending on the day, a person’s stammer may appear seldom or significantly affect their daily interactions. People with stammering have been mistreated for a long time because of a lack of knowledge of the disease. In 19th-century Europe, people with speech difficulties were frequently encouraged to undergo surgery. Surgeons would remove the tongue from its natural position by cutting the nerves and muscles of the neck and lips, as well as a triangular wedge from the back of the tongue.

Other surgeons performed procedures such as uvula shortening or tonsil removal. But these techniques were abolished after people died of internal hemorrhage and others who survived still stammered. Even though stammering is now widely recognized as a neurological disorder that can be acquired (happens in adulthood because of trauma or drug misuse) or developmental (occurs as a kid), people who suffer from it still experience social stigma. On International Stammering Awareness Day, Stammers are also recognized for their contributions to science, politics, philosophy, art, cinema, and music.

International Stammering Awareness Day timeline

Talking About Stammering

An out-of-date study found that talking about stammering causes youngsters to stammer, which was proven wrong decades ago.

Studies Disprove A Myth

Most studies reject the popular early 20th-century theory that forcing a left-handed child to become right-handed causes stammering.

International Stuttering Association

The International Stuttering Association is set up to provide help and support to those who stammer.

Defense Stammering Network

The British government announces the Defense Stammering Network to assist personnel who suffer from this neurological disorder.

International Stammering Awareness Day FAQs

What stammering treatments are available?

Although stammering is incurable, speech-language pathologists use a multi-factored treatment with numerous techniques to aid persons who stammer.

What is the difference between ‘stammering’ and ‘stuttering?’

Both ‘stuttering’ and ‘stammering’ are interchangeable terms for the same disorder. The term ‘stuttering’ is widely used in the United States, while ‘stammering’ is more prevalent in the United Kingdom.

When do children start to stammer?

Stammering usually begins between the ages of two and seven. However, it can occur at any point in a child’s life. Other life changes, such as having a new sibling for the first time and entering a new school, may also be relevant.

How to Observe International Stammering Awareness Day

  1. Enlighten yourself and others

    There are many myths regarding stammering, which can contribute to bullying when stammerers are young and ostracism when they are older. You can learn more about the disorder, increase support, and help minimize the stigma associated with it.

  2. Attend an event

    Individuals interested in stammering, as well as speech-language pathologists and those they treat, can attend online conferences. Around the world, there are awareness campaigns, events, educational initiatives, and online resources.

  3. Learn to interact with those who stammer

    When dealing with people who stammer, it is important to empathize with them. Learn how to interact by not finishing their sentences, making eye contact, and not urging them to take a breath or slow down. You may also ask questions if the individual being questioned agrees.

5 Myths About Stammering

  1. Stammerers are not intelligent

    Stammerers contradict this every day, with people who stammer attaining success in every field imaginable, such as scientists, writers, and academics.

  2. Stammering is a habit

    People who want to stop stammering believe they can, however stammering is a neurological problem, not a habit, and many people will continue to stammer despite their best attempts to improve their speech.

  3. Slow down

    Many who stammer are typically urged to relax, take a deep breath, and think about what they're saying, but this isn't always the case, as people who stammer know exactly what they want to say but can't get it out due to their stammer.

  4. They can’t go into speaking careers

    Contrary to popular belief, those who stammer can work in jobs that demand extensive communication.

  5. Stammering is caused by bad parenting

    Stammering is not the parents' fault, although it might be exacerbated by stress in a child's environment, it is not the cause.

Why International Stammering Awareness Day is Important

  1. It raises a community

    On this day, persons who stammer realize they are not alone and that there are others just like them. You can share your story or learn more about the challenges that individuals who stammer encounter by attending one of the many events and workshops that will be held.

  2. It empowers people

    This day empowers stammerers by letting them know they are not alone. It also gives children and adults hope by introducing them to resources that can assist them.

  3. It is helpful in many ways

    International Stammering Awareness Day gives those who stutter hope by demonstrating that they are not alone and by providing resources to assist them to improve their speech. It acts as a link between the general population and communication disorders experts.

International Stammering Awareness Day dates

2023October 22Sunday
2024October 22Tuesday
2025October 22Wednesday
2026October 22Thursday
2027October 22Friday

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