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ThuAug 15

Chant at the Moon Day – August 15, 2024

Ah, summer, where the days are long and the nights are longer. On August 15, join thousands of people around the country to chant (or even, howl) into the heavens as part of Chant at the Moon Day.

This annual event was inspired by the Wenatchee, Washington-based fruit grower, Stemilt’s. According to local legend, harvesting Stemilt’s cherries around the full moon makes them sweeter. The moon’s gravitational pull enhances the tree roots where the cherries are grown. Stemilt decided all this sweetness deserved a celebration—so gather your friends together and let loose your best lunar cheer!

Chant at the Moon Day Activities

  1. Host a Chant at the Moon gathering

    Grab your friends for a late-night picnic under the stars. When you're all done feasting, you know what to do. Just make sure your crazy chanting doesn't disturb the neighbors!

  2. Eat cherries under the moon

    No Chant at the Moon Day would be complete without the fruit that inspired it. Gear up for a successful chanting adventure by eating sweet cherries as the moon comes out and give thanks for all the wonderful fruit summer brings!

  3. Learn some lunar history

    Do you actually know how large the moon is? Celebrate this amazing celestial body by researching some fascinating facts about our solar system. You'll amaze yourself — and more importantly, impress your Chant at the Moon squad!

5 Incredible Facts About Cherries

  1. Every 100 foot gain in elevation pushes a cherry harvest back one day

    This is why Stemilt’s moon cherries are harvested so late in the summer.

  2. Moon cherries are harvested at sunrise

    Due to their delicate nature, cherries are harvested in the early morning hours in order to maintain their luster.

  3. 62% of sweet cherries produced in the U.S. are grown in Washington

    California and Oregon combine with the Evergreen State to make up 94% of the nation’s sweet cherries.

  4. One cup of cherries is less than 90 calories

    That same cup of cherries has 3 grams of fiber, which aids in digestion, lowers cholesterol, controls blood sugar and can help with weight loss.

  5. Cherries get their red color from anthocyanins

    They also help protect the heart and its surrounding tissue.

Why We Love Chant at the Moon Day

  1. It reminds us to spend time outside

    There's nothing better than summer evenings. Chant at the Moon Day is the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and connect with nature.

  2. It allows us to be silly

    How often do we really let loose and unleash some primal nature chanting? Chant at the Moon Day allows us to blow off steam and release our inner goofball. Grab your friends and see who can come up with the silliest chant! (And film it — you never know when you're going to need some light blackmail material.)

  3. It encourages us to enjoy the last fruit of the season

    Cherries, peaches, nectarines galore! August is one of the last months to enjoy summer fruit (clearly the best fruit of any season). Chant at the Moon Day reminds us to stock up on nature's candy before we have to wait a whole year to enjoy it again.

Chant at the Moon Day dates

2024August 15Thursday
2025August 15Friday
2026August 15Saturday
2027August 15Sunday
2028August 15Tuesday

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