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Snoh Sheri Nowrozi, born on September 13, 1987, is a Swedish-born singer under ARTium Records and Roc Nation/Universal Music Group. Her songs mainly revolve around the R&B, soul, and hip hop genres. She is currently based in Los Angeles. Aalegra has entered the music industry since the beginning of her adolescence, and thus far, she has released over 20 songs under her name, not including numerous guest appearances and collaborations with fellow singers. She also earned two nominations for Grammy’s 2022 Best R&B Performance and Best R&B Album. We’ll help you celebrate her birthday by sharing the inspiring story of her music career.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Snoh Sheri Nowrozi


Snoh Aalegra, Sheri

Birth date:

September 13, 1987



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$2 million

Snoh's Social Media:


Snoh Aalegra was born in Uppsala, Sweden, to Persian parents who came from the southern part of Iran. Her birth name was Shahrzad Fooladi before she took her mother’s last name, Nowrozi, at 12 years old, following her parents’ divorce. Aalegra was then raised by her mother, who took her along when she moved to Enköping, the place where young Aalegra grew up before finally moving to Stockholm. In 2001, the then 13 years old Aalegra signed with Sony Music Sweden for an artist development deal, but she later left without releasing any music. Her music career began in 2009 when she debuted her first single, ‘Hit and Run,’ on February 16, 2009, under the mononym Sheri. The song, produced by Swedish songwriter and producer Andreas Carlsson, reached No. 12 on the Swedish Single Charts. Her next single, ‘U Got Me Good,’ was released on December 4, 2009, and rose further up the rank to number two. She released her first studio album, “First Sign,” on April 6, 2010. Aalegra lived in London for a short while before settling in Los Angeles in 2012. She signed into ARTium Recordings in 2013, a label belonging to Ernest Dion Wilson, an American R&B and hip hop record producer widely known by the stage name No I.D.

Her debut under the name Snoh Aalegra took place in July 2014 with her appearance on American rapper Common’s ‘Hustle Harder,’ a song in the latter’s 10th studio album, “Nobody’s Smiling.” Her debut single under this new name followed in October 2014 with the song ‘Bad Things’ and her debut E.P. “There Will Be Sunshine,” released on November 17, 2014. Aalegra’s talent was discovered by the late Prince Rogers Nelson that year, who subsequently mentored her until he passed away in 2016. Aalegra announced that she changed her legal name to Snoh Nowrozi in February 2015. She released a new single this year on February 11, 2015, titled ‘Emotional.’ Through ARTium Recordings, she released another E.P., “Don’t Explain,” on April 8, 2016, in which she collaborated with John Mayer and Sia. Aalegra had her first North American tour in 2017. She released her debut album as “Snoh Aalegra” on October 20, 2017, titled “Feels,” a cinematic soul with a nostalgic blend of the soul genre and R&B. Christian Rich and Vince Staples produced her next single on September 12, 2018, ‘Nothing Burns Like the Cold,’ which was later used for iPhone XS announcement video and commercials by Apple. With support from Leven Kali and Mereba, she headlined her first tour in North America during the fall of 2018.

Aalegra released her next album, “Ugh, Those Feels Again,” in August 2019. It ranked third on the Billboard R&B Album Sales and sixth on the Billboard Top R&B Albums. A single in the album, ‘I Want You Around,’ was first on the Billboard Adult R&B Songs chart. On December 13, 2019, Aalegra starred in the music video of her single ‘Whoa’ with actor Michael B. Jordan. She headlined a European and North American tour in the fall of 2019 with Baby Rose and Giveon, placing first on the Bandsintown + Billboard Global Rising Artists Index.

In a partnership with ARTium Records, her current label, Aalegra signed a recording contract on March 9, 2020, with Roc Nation/Universal Music Group. Her first single under both labels was titled ‘Dying 4 Your Love,’ while her first album with ARTium Records and Roc Nation was released the next year on July 9, 2021, “Temporary Highs in the Violet Skies.” Her “Ugh, These Temporary Highs Tour” started in Manchester, United Kingdom, on February 13, 2022, which would be followed by a U.S. tour in March.

Career timeline

Beginning of Her Music Career

Aalegra debuts under the mononym Sheri with her first single, ‘Hit and Run.’

First Studio Album

Aalegra releases her first studio album, “First Sign.”

The Birth of Snoh Aalegra

She debuts for the first time under the name ‘Snoh Aalegra’ in Common’s ‘Hustle Harder.’

Change of Name

Aalegra changes her legal name to Snoh Nowrozi.

Snoh Aalegra’s Debut Album

She releases her first album as Snoh Aalegra, “Feels.”

Billboard Top Chart

“Ugh, Those Feels Again,” places third and sixth respectively on the Billboard R&B Album Sales and Billboard Top R&B Albums.

New Partnership

Aalegra signs a recording contract with Roc Nation/Universal Music Group in a partnership with ARTium Records.

Ugh These Temporary Highs Tour

The “Ugh, These Temporary Highs Tour” opens in Manchester, the United Kingdom, followed by a U.S. tour.

Why We Love Snoh Aalegra

  1. She was born to sing

    Aalegra is born to be a music star on stage. Her talent was discovered at a very young age. She began writing songs when she was nine years old.

  2. She’s a prolific singer and songwriter

    Aalegra has been very active in producing music since her 2009 debut. As of 2022, she has released four studio albums, two E.P.s, and 25 singles.

  3. She’s an accomplished musician

    Since the beginning of her career, Aalegra has received multiple awards and nominations. She won the SKAP Award in the Soulpris category in 2019 and the Soul Train Music Award as the Best New Artist in 2020. There are no less than six nominations under her name, including two Grammy Award nominations for Best R&B Performance and Best R&B Album in 2022.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Finding passion through the legend

    Aalegra discovered her passion for music at seven years old when she heard the soundtrack of “The Bodyguard” sung by Whitney Houston.

  2. A quadrilingual

    Aalegra speaks four languages: Swedish, Persian, English, and some Spanish.

  3. New Day

    Her last name, Nowrozi, means ‘new day’ in Farsi.

  4. Joyful stage name

    Her stage name ‘Aalegra’ comes from the Italian word ‘Allegra,’ which means ‘joyful’ or ‘happy.’

  5. Gathering friends through collaborations

    From 2014 to 2021, Aalegra has guested in no less than 10 songs of her fellow singers.

Snoh Aalegra FAQs

Is Snoh Aalegra married?

Although the singer is reportedly dating Jordan with whom she shared a passionate kiss in ‘Woah,’ at the moment she is still confirmed to be single.

How did Prince discover Snoh Aalegra?

After one of Nelson’s performances, Aalegra had a chance to accompany the legend in Kentucky for a late-night snack run. Prince took her under his wing and mentored her for three years.

Who is Snoh Aalegra compared to?

In 2021, a Twitter user posted “Snoh Aalegra is our Sade,” which quickly drew mixed responses from fans. However, Aalegra soon addressed the issue by saying that her comparison with the Nigerian-born senior British singer is unnecessary and that people should respect the legend.

Snoh Aalegra’s birthday dates

2024September 13Friday
2025September 13Saturday
2026September 13Sunday
2027September 13Monday
2028September 13Wednesday

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