Royalty Brown

Royalty Brown, born on May 27, 2014, is the adorable first-born child of musician Chris Brown. Brown is a child model and celebrity who is loved by millions worldwide. Her career pretty much started the day she was born, and she has been killing it ever since. She is a great daughter and an even better sister to her siblings, which is why we’re celebrating her special day here!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Royalty Brown



Birth date:

May 27, 2014



Zodiac Sign:



3' 6"

Net Worth:

$1 million

Royalty's Social Media:


Royalty Brown is a child model, young entrepreneur, and celebrity, who has proved she didn’t come into this world to play. Brown was born on May 27, 2014, to Christopher Maurice Brown and Nia Guzman, in Texas. Brown is of African-American, Mexican, and Puerto Rican descent. She is a proud Gemini and a creative child in third grade and loves her family. She has three siblings, Sinatra, Aeko, and Zillah, and her career as a business owner started quite early.

When Brown wasn’t yet in Kindergarten, she launched her clothing line “Royalty Brown Collection” in December 2017. This clothing line includes varieties of children’s clothing, makeup, and accessories for different ages. She also launched “Royalty and Sinatra Kids Vitamin C Gummies,” with her sister, Sinatra, in June 2020. Brown has multiple deals and partnerships with various brands, including FashionNova Kids. She is a fun and energetic child who loves swimming, gymnastics, and acting.

Brown is an adorable little girl, serial entrepreneur, and third-grader. When she’s not going to school or managing her empire, she hangs out with her friends. Her ‘friends’ list includes Shai Moss, King Cairo, and several others. Brown loves her family and friends, and she shares her success with them. She hopes to become an actress or a singer like her father in the future.

Career timeline

Her Clothing Line

Brown launches her clothing line in Miami.

She Starts School

Brown starts Kindergarten.

A Sister Duo

Brown launches her “Vitamin C Gummies” with her sister.

FashionNova Partnership

Brown becomes a partner of FashionNova Kids.

Why We Love Royalty Brown

  1. She is beautiful

    Brown is an adorable baby girl. She is very pretty and is already making her mark in the fashion and modeling world.

  2. She is a young business owner

    At such a young age, Brown is a certified business owner. She takes her business seriously for one so young.

  3. She is hardworking

    Brown has found a way to balance her business with her education and personal life. We should be taking master classes on time management from her.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She has a million Instagram followers

    RoRo’s account is valued at one million followers.

  2. Her mother is her manager

    Guzman, Brown’s mother, manages her accounts and online presence.

  3. She loves pink

    Brown loves the color pink.

  4. Her father visits often

    Brown’s father visits her 12 days a month.

  5. She was a secret

    Brown was kept a secret from her father at first.

Royalty Brown FAQs

What is Royalty Brown’s middle name?

Brown has no middle name.

Who is Aeko’s mother?

Ammika Harris is the mother of Brown’s half-brother, Aeko.

How old is Royalty Brown now?

Royalty Brown is now eight years old.

Royalty Brown’s birthday dates

2025May 27Tuesday
2026May 27Wednesday
2027May 27Thursday
2028May 27Saturday
2029May 27Sunday

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