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Matthew Moore Hardy, born on September 23, 1974, rose to fame in the wrestling world as part of a wrestling duo with his brother, Jeff. Hardy started wrestling in small independent circuits in the 1990s and was soon signed by wrestling promotion giant World Wrestling Federation at the end of the decade. After the turn of the century, he began wrestling for the World Wrestling Federation. Throughout his career, he has had feuds both in and out of the ring with his brother. Whether he wrestles with Jeff or solo, Hardy is a force to be reckoned with. Celebrate his birthday today with us!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Matthew Moore Hardy


The Angelic Diablo

Birth date:

September 23, 1974



Zodiac Sign:



6' 2"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$5 million

Matthew's Social Media:


Matt Hardy is a prolific name in the world of American professional wrestling. Hardy, whose full name is Matthew Moore Hardy, was born in Cameron, North Carolina. While studying at Union Pines High School, Hardy played both baseball and football. When he was 18, he formed a wrestling federation called the Trampoline Wrestling Federation. Hardy won his first wrestling championship in 1994 at the New England Wrestling Alliance and secured his second win the following year at the New Frontier Wrestling Association. In 1997, Hardy and his brother, Jeff, formed their wrestling promotion called the Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts (OMEGA). Both brothers signed with the World Wrestling Federation (W.W.F.) as the Hardy Boyz the following year.

The brothers won several championships together as a tag team but by 2002, tension started to grow between them. In 2005, Hardy was released from World Wrestling Entertainment (W.W.E.) and returned to the independent wrestling circuit. Hardy’s fans promptly began circulating online petitions demanding he be re-signed and the wrestler rejoined the company later that year. The following year, Hardy once again competed with his brother in a tag team match for the first time in over four years. However, by 2009, the brothers began feuding once more and Hardy requested that he be released from his contract with Extreme Championship Wrestling (E.C.W.). His request was granted. The next year, Hardy was suspended from W.W.E. after he attacked fellow wrestler Drew McIntyre.

Hardy began wrestling for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in 2011 but was dismissed later that year following his arrest for driving under the influence. He consequently announced his retirement that same year. However, he then returned to the independent wrestling circuit that same year and wrestled for several wrestling promotions until 2017. During that time, he once again reunited with his brother in 2014 and the brothers won the OMEGA Tag Team Championship in 2016. In 2017, he made a surprise return to W.W.E. and wrestled for the promotion until his contract expired in 2020. He has still been wrestling for multiple smaller promotions.

Career timeline

Hardy Has His First Wrestling Win

The wrestling icon wins his first match at the New England Wrestling Alliance.

He Signs with the World Wrestling Federation

Hardy joins the wrestling promotion giant alongside his brother as the duo the Hardy Boyz.

Hardy Leaves W.W.E.

The wrestler ends his partnership with World Wrestling Entertainment.

He is Suspended From W.W.E.

Having briefly rejoined WWE, he is released after attacking another wrestler outside the ring.

He Returns to W.W.E. Again

The wrestler briefly rejoins the wrestling promotion for the second time.

He Returns to the Independent Circuit

Hardy once again begins wrestling for smaller promotions after his W.W.E. contract expires.

Why We Love Matt Hardy

  1. He beat addiction

    Hardy was in active addiction for much of his career and it contributed to many of his issues with other wrestlers and wrestling promotions. He credits his wife for having helped get him clean and maintain his sobriety.

  2. He’s charitable

    Hardy has donated $50,000 that he won on the reality T.V. show “Fear Factor” to the American Cancer Society. He also hosted various charity events under his and his brother’s wrestling promotion, OMEGA.

  3. He loves his parents

    Despite his tough macho man exterior, Hardy is a loving son who doted on both his parents as an adult. Of his mother’s passing, he said, “Our dad stated we must all go on for our mom… that’s exactly what we did in her memory.” About his father’s death, he said, “Jeff and I feel so blessed to have had our dad live to be 87 years old… I felt at peace.”

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He has an associate degree

    The wrestler got his associate degree in engineering from Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

  2. He achieved excellent grades

    Hardy performed so well in high school that he was awarded a scholarship to the University of North Carolina.

  3. He was on “That 70s Show”

    Although he and his brother weren’t credited, they did make a guest appearance as wrestlers on the sitcom.

  4. He has an autobiography

    Hardy released his and his brother’s memoir entitled “The Hardy Boyz: Exist 2 Inspire.”

  5. He’s a video game character

    Hardy has lent his voice to his eponymous character in over 10 wrestling video games based on W.W.E. and W.W.F. promotions.

Matt Hardy FAQs

Is Matt Hardy disabled?

No, but he has sustained multiple injuries during his wrestling career – some requiring surgery.

Are Matt and Jeff Hardy twins?

No, Matt Hardy is Jeff Hardy’s older brother.

Who is Matt Hardy married to?

Hardy’s wife is Rebecca Victoria Reyes (also known as Reby Sky) and the couple has four children together.

Matt Hardy’s birthday dates

2024September 23Monday
2025September 23Tuesday
2026September 23Wednesday
2027September 23Thursday
2028September 23Saturday

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