Mason Patterson

Mason Patterson was born on September 17, 2002. Over the years, he has created an impressive TikTok account, which has over one million fans and admirers. The internet sensation is popular for his lip-syncing and dancing videos. But that’s not all! He uploads a wide range of content, such as POV, green screen, and vlog-style videos, which keeps his followers thoroughly entertained. Want to know more about everyone’s favorite social media influencer? Read on!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Mason Patterson

Birth date:

September 17, 2002



Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1 million

Mason's Social Media:


Mason Patterson was born and raised in Texas, U.S.A. Although there is barely any information on his early childhood, he has two sisters, Madison and Mia. Growing up, Patterson found an inclination toward social media. Given his interest in the arena, he began posting his videos on TikTok.

The star found fame within a matter of a few days and his videos went viral. A lot of his success is generally credited to his good looks. However, on closer inspection, one will notice that Patterson is extremely talented. His lip-sync and POV videos on the platform gathered hundreds and thousands of views due to his prowess in creating short yet entertaining content. Moreover, he began experimenting and incorporated various other interesting elements in his videos, such as dance moves and green screens, which increased their entertainment quotient by several notches. In addition, he started uploading vlog-style videos, which went on to bring even more views and likes on the platform. As a result, Patterson has established himself as a prominent TikToker over time.

The internet celebrity also runs an Instagram account, which has tens of thousands of followers and fans. Moreover, he has a solid presence on numerous other social media platforms like Twitch, Snapchat, and Twitter. Over the years, he has used his digital popularity to curate and sell his line of merchandise on several platforms, which include products like sweatshirts, T-shirts, and hoodies.

Career timeline

His Journey Begins

Patterson creates his Instagram account and gains attention for his good looks.

Graduation from High School

He finishes his high school education in Texas.

His TikTok Career

Patterson starts using TikTok and becomes an overnight celebrity of sorts.

Over to YouTube

The TikTok star smoothly transitions to YouTube and creates a self-titled channel on the platform.

Why We Love Mason Patterson

  1. He is attractive

    Mason Patterson is, without a doubt, extremely good-looking. Fans love him for his appeal and attractiveness. We think he is a sight to behold!

  2. He keeps his private life private

    Patterson is discreet. Despite being an internet icon and public figure, the artist still manages to keep his private life under wraps. Although we wish we knew everything about him, we respect his privacy and admire his lowkey personality.

  3. His content is intelligent

    Unlike most content creators nowadays, Patterson does not seem too eager to bombard his fans with a mountain of mindless content. Instead, he takes the good ol’ quality-over-quantity approach and posts content as and when he wishes. As a result, his videos never lose their entertainment quotient and fans never get saturated.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He likes to cook

    In addition to everything he does, he is also an exceptional chef and enjoys cooking during his free time.

  2. Patterson likes to work out

    He likes to work out, which is evident by his muscular physique.

  3. He takes his health seriously

    Alongside a regimented workout plan, Patterson maintains a healthy diet to stay fit.

  4. He does not smoke

    Patterson has never smoked.

  5. He has various hobbies

    He enjoys reading, photography, and surfing the internet.

Mason Patterson FAQs

What show was Mason Patterson on?

He was on the show “Yo Gabba Gabba.”

How much does Mason Patterson weigh?

He weighs 121 lbs (as of 2022).

Is Mason Patterson dating Danielle Cohn?

It is alleged that the two began dating in 2021, but parted ways later.

Mason Patterson’s birthday dates

2024September 17Tuesday
2025September 17Wednesday
2026September 17Thursday
2027September 17Friday
2028September 17Sunday

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