Kenneth Pabon

Kenneth Pabon, born on December 9, 1998, is an American TikTok and social media sensation known for his dance, challenge, advice, and fashion videos. His short clips also feature entertaining segments and family collaborations. Pabon is most famous on TikTok, however, he is taking on other social media platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube. He has been updating his Youtube channel to expand his videos. Today is his birthday and we are going to celebrate right here!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Kenneth Pabon

Birth date:

December 9, 1998



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Kenneth's Social Media:


Kenneth Pabon, born on December 9, 1998, was born in New York, United States, and is a social media sensation and video creator. His pre-internet-fame life is not readily available to fans, but we do know his online career began in 2019 when he posted a short clip to the video-sharing platform TikTok. The video featured Pabon walking his puppy, and gaining hundreds of thousands of views — skyrocketing him into the world of “internet celebrity.”

In 2020, Pabon posted another high-ranking video of himself trying to get his parents to twerk, for which he received over one million views and more than one hundred thousand likes — and we bet has numerous more views to date. Come 2021, Pabon started his self-titled YouTube channel, where he posts “funny videos featuring my family, friends, and fashion sense” on Tuesdays and Fridays. His YouTube channel is still growing, but he has managed to garner impressive viewings thus far.

Known for his vlogs, storytimes, and challenges, he also involves his family in his content — his mum, Patty, who he posts several videos with, his father, Jerry, and his two brothers, Ryan and Kelvin. Pabon has used his internet fame to create other business opportunities and has an “Icons Only Items” store on Amazon where he lists “All the items that have helped me personally stay iconic!”. For each item sold, he gets a commission. Being an online success is no easy task, but Pabon is flying high with his wins and taking it all in its stride.

Career timeline

Pabon’s First Famous Video

He uploads a video of himself walking his puppy, which gains massive viewership.

He Reaches One Million Views

His video of himself trying to get his parents to twerk goes viral.

He Starts Uploading on YouTube

Pabon begins uploading his content on YouTube.

His Continued Success

He continues to be successful in his ventures on social media and keeps establishing himself as a creator.

Why We Love Kenneth Pabon

  1. He adores his mother

    It's clear from his video content that he and his mother, Patty, have a very close relationship. They even host a video series together called "How to Be Iconic." We love to see it!

  2. He has style

    This one should be a no-brainer. Pabon has some seriously out-there-yet-trendy styles and outfits in his closet — and we aren't complaining! You do you!

  3. He is sassy

    Ain't nothing wrong with some sass! And Pabon uses it to his advantage. He has shown his sassy and confident personality all over social media and is living his best life.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He is on OnlyFans

    Pabon is part of the adult content platform.

  2. He is a host

    According to his Instagram, Pabon hosted a sold-out show at Webster Hall in New York City.

  3. He is a self-proclaimed "icon"

    Pabon refers to himself as a self-proclaimed “icon in N.Y.C."

  4. He shared his story

    Pabon posted on TikTok saying, "Fun fact it took me joining a frat to realize I was gay."

  5. He has a great fashion sense

    He is a huge fan of outrageous Y2K trends — which inspire his style.

Kenneth Pabon FAQs

How old was Kenneth Pabon when he came out?

He was 19 years old when he came out as gay.

What is Kenneth Pabon’s dog’s name?

His dog’s name is Naomi.

Who did Kenneth Pabon intern for?

He interned for fashion sister duo Sophie and Charlotte Bickley.

Kenneth Pabon’s birthday dates

2024December 9Monday
2025December 9Tuesday
2026December 9Wednesday
2027December 9Thursday
2028December 9Saturday

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