Kaycee Rice

Kaycee Caitlin Rice, born on October 21, 2001, is an American dancer and social media star. Since she was five years old, she has danced in competitions. She has had training in several dance genres, including tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical, tumbling, acro, contemporary, and hip-hop. One of Katy Perry’s dance videos was retweeted, instantly making her famous. She continues to teach workshops, record personal concept videos, and choreograph for established musicians in addition to dancing.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Kaycee Caitlin Rice


Kaycee Rice

Birth date:

October 21, 2002



Zodiac Sign:



5' 5"

Net Worth:

$5 million

Kaycee's Social Media:


Kaycee Caitlin Rice was born on October 21, 2001, in Woodland Hills, California to Brad and Laura Rice. She is the youngest of three children; her siblings are Devon and Kylie. She began dancing at the age of four, seeing as her mother owned Studio 13, a dance studio. Rice started competing when she was five years old. She went to a regular school, but in sixth grade, she switched to homeschooling so she could focus entirely on dancing.

Tricia Miranda, a former professional dancer, created a “Werk” dance routine for her in 2013 for a national dance competition. Katy Perry, a popular singer, discovered her standout performance and shared it on Twitter. Rice’s dance moves went viral. Soon after, there were guest appearances on C.N.N. and the “Queen Latifah Show,” as well as articles in magazines and newspapers. Rice took part in Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” dance routine at the 2014 Academy Awards as a dancer. In 2015, she joined “Dance Moms,” a reality series about women and their kids trying to become famous dancers under the supervision of a strict dance teacher.

She was the smallest and youngest member, performing as a guest dancer for Candy Apple’s Dance Center. Rice won ‘Teen Miss Dance Icon’ at the Thunderstruck International Finals in 2015. She was awarded the Grand Title Champion and an expense-paid vacation to Paris as the title winner with the highest score. In 2018, Rice and her partner Sean Lew received high marks from celebrity judges like Jennifer Lopez during season two of the N.B.C. dancing competition series “World of Dance.” She performed the lead character of Jase in the 2016 Disney short “How to Catch A Ghost” as she experimented with acting. In 2019, she also appeared as Avery in the Brat T.V. YouTube series “Sunnyside Up.”

Career timeline

The Twerking Goes Viral on Twitter

Katy Perry posts a video of 10-year-old Rice twerking on her Twitter feed, which goes viral.

[The Girls’ Got Talent

She and her partner Gabe de Guzman dance their way into Judgment Week of “America’s Got Talent.”

The Superb Performance

Rice shares the stage and dances with Missy Elliot at the 2015 “Superbowl Halftime Show.”

The International Choreography Gig

She helps choreograph South Korean K-pop girl group Red Velvet’s “Really Bad Boy” along with Choi Sunhee and Janelle Ginestra.

Why We Love Kaycee Rice

  1. She embraces individuality

    Rice promotes self-love and refers to herself and her followers as ‘weirdos.’ To empower her fans and foster a sense of community, she introduced Weirdo apparel in 2017. The name also stands for ‘We Embrace Individuality Realness Diversity & Originality.’

  2. She’s super close to her family

    Since the beginning, her family has been a source of support for her. When she was younger, she couldn’t stay overnight on sleepovers. She missed her family so much that she would call them to pick her up!

  3. She radiates positivity

    You may ask any of Rice's dance partners, relatives, or friends to attest to the fact that she is a perpetual optimist. She claims that choosing a positive outlook can help you see things more clearly.

5 Surprising Facts About Kaycee Rice

  1. She learned taekwondo when she was younger

    Before she became serious about her dancing career, she studied martial arts and even reached blue belt status.

  2. She appeared in “YouTube Rewind 2013”

    Rice was included in the almost six-minute clip that showcased a mashup of popular moments of the year.

  3. She loves “The Office”

    Rice has seen all seasons of the popular show at least four times.

  4. She’s a shoe designer

    In 2018, Rice was part of a group of young athletes invited by Nike to custom design the Air Max Zero shoe.

  5. Dark chocolate is her favorite dessert

    In between following a strict diet, she allows herself one or two cheat meals each week, which will most likely include the rich-in-antioxidant treat.

Kaycee Rice FAQs

What place did Kaycee Rice and Sean Lew get in the “World of Dance?”

They scored 92.3 while eventual winners, Charity and Andres, scored 93. The talented performers missed winning by less than one point!

Is Kaycee Rice dating Sean Lew?

Rice and Sean have appeared on each other’s social media feeds. Though their followers continue to speculate about their relationship, the pair maintain that their connection is purely platonic.

Was Kaycee Rice in “SOUR Prom?”

Rice was not in the 27-minute concert film for singer Olivia Rodrigo’s “SOUR” album. Rodrigo worked with choreographer Monika Felice Smith and directors Kimberly Stuckwisch and Toby L.

Kaycee Rice’s birthday dates

2024October 21Monday
2025October 21Tuesday
2026October 21Wednesday
2027October 21Thursday
2028October 21Saturday

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