Julia Havens

Julia Havens was born on October 21, 1991. She is a famous YouTuber from the U.S. who runs a channel, Julia and Hunter, with her spouse. She has gained enormous popularity for her lifestyle vlogs and fashion hauls. Her YouTube account launched in January 2015 and now has over 300,000 subscribers. The channel features travel vlogs, fashion and lifestyle content, experimental videos, beauty content, and more. Their most popular video is “Summer Morning Routine 2019,” which has millions of views as of 2022. In addition, Havens has amassed 330,000 Instagram followers and 2.4 million TikTok likes.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Julia Havens



Birth date:

October 21, 1991



Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1 million

Julia's Social Media:


Julia Havens, a Libra, was born in California, U.S., on October 21, 1991. The Internet star knows how to keep her personal life private, so all we know is that she came from a well-to-do family and has siblings who prefer to keep a lower profile than their sister. In high school, she discovered her passion for modeling and fashion and decided to attend a local university to earn an arts degree. She then pursued a career in the modeling and fashion industries.

Havens gained popularity on social media platforms as a fashion blogger and model. She has amassed over 300,000 Instagram followers who love her style and content. She regularly posts pictures of modeling shoots, moments in her life, and daily outfits. Thanks to her growing influence on the platform, she became the face of many fashion, makeup, sports, and skin-care brands, including Aureum Collective, Frankies, WindsorStore, Walmart, Revolve, Vintage by Misty, Levis, and more. Various fashion and lifestyle magazines have also featured her on their covers.

Apart from being a famous fashion blogger, Havens is a lifestyle vlogger who runs a joint YouTube channel, Julia and Hunter, with her husband, Hunter Havens. The YouTube account launched in January 2015, but the couple posted their first video, “March Favorites | 2016,” in April 2016, garnering thousands of views.

Career timeline

The Instagram Account Debuts

Julia Havens gains popularity in the modeling and fashion industries after creating her fashion-focused Instagram account.

The YouTube Account

The Julia and Hunter YouTube channel launches in January 2015.

The First YouTube Video

Haven and her husband, Hunter, post their first video, “March Favorites | 2016.”.

The Video Goes Viral

She uploads “Summer Morning Routine 2019,” Her most popular video on the platform.

Why We Love Julia Havens

  1. She achieved her dreams

    As a child, Havens always dreamt of being a model. She decided to take the bull by the horns and venture into the industry, appearing on the covers of famous magazines. She has since gained popularity as a fashion blogger and model.

  2. She’s a YouTube star

    She has 300,000 subscribers and over 50 million views. This attests to just how entertaining her content is.

  3. She’s a sportsperson

    Havens is an athlete and knows how to skate, swim, surf, boat, and cycle. Her active lifestyle encourages her viewers to go out and exercise.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She’s a pet lover

    In 2021, Havens and her husband adopted a young wire-haired vizsla, Booker Blue.

  2. She loves food

    Havens favorite cuisines are French, Spanish, and Chinese.

  3. She likes movies

    Havens is a big fan of Christian Bale and Kathrine Langford.

  4. She loves nature colors

    Haven’s favorite colors are brown and green.

  5. She’s a sports fan

    She revealed that she’s obsessed with Roger Federer.

Julia Havens FAQs

Where does Julia Havens live?

She and her husband live in Nashville, U.S.

Who is Hunter Havens?

Hunter Havens, Julia’s husband, is a social media influencer and entrepreneur.

Does Julia Havens have kids?

Julia and Hunter Havens have yet to have kids.

Julia Havens’s birthday dates

2024October 21Monday
2025October 21Tuesday
2026October 21Wednesday
2027October 21Thursday
2028October 21Saturday

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