Carter Sharer

Carter Joseph Sharer, or Carter Sharer, was born on October 23, 1993, in Virginia, the U.S. He is an American YouTuber famous for his D.I.Y. videos and the daily vlogs he posts on his channel. His topics cover everything from adventure to general themes, and from science to technology. Sharer has amassed millions of followers on the social media network and is on track to attain even greater success. He is an intelligent and gifted individual who holds a degree from Carnegie Mellon University. He has expertise in mechatronics, automation engineering, and robotics. Celebrate this star’s birthday with us.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Carter Joseph Sharer

Birth date:

October 23, 1993



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$8.5 million

Carter's Social Media:


Carter Sharer was born in Oakton, Virginia, U.S., on October 23, 1993. His father is a renowned lawyer, while his mother is a painter. Both his brother Stephen and sister Grace, make frequent appearances in his videos. Sharer attended Oakton High School, where he received his diploma in 2012, and attended Carnegie Mellon University thereafter, earning a degree in science. He was dating Elizabeth Chang, also known as Lizzy Capri, a classmate, but they separated in 2019. He started his YouTube channel on September 24, 2009, and his debut video was “My First Vlog- (Carter Sharer),” which introduced him to his viewers.

Following this, he posted a science experiment video, “Ninja Weapons Soda Drop Test,” in which he and his brother set Ninja Weapons on fire by dropping soda bottles on them. The success of this video led to the rapid release of other similar experiment videos. After some time, he started to publish regular vlogs in addition to his experiment videos. When the video “R.C. Car Drives on Pool” was released, his channel’s popularity soared to new heights.

Sharer was seen in a December 21, 2017 video driving his remote-controlled car into the water. The vlog amassed millions of views and became a huge hit. Most of the videos that were posted following this one were successful in gaining millions of views and likes. Today, more than 2.5 million people subscribe to Sharer’s channel. Additionally, the channel has received more than 386 million total views. One of this channel’s most popular videos, “Scuba Diving in Pond for Treasure,” has over 12 million views.

Career timeline

The YouTube Channel is Launched

The Sharer channel is launched on YouTube on September 24, 2009.

The Instagram Debut

Sharer creates an account on Instagram, starts creating content, and builds a huge fan base.

The First Video

Sharer’s first video, “My First Vlog- (Carter Sharer)” is released.

The Video Goes Viral

Sharer’s video, “Ninja Weapons Soda Drop Test,” goes viral and it receives millions of views.

Why We Love Carter Sharer

  1. He values feedback

    Several prominent social media users have acknowledged that they never read the comments and feedback. Sharer, though, is an exception. He finds that reading the comments can help him come up with new content ideas.

  2. He is business-minded

    Sharer's channel may have entertaining and laid-back stuff, but don't fall for it. He treats his YouTube account like a company and takes it very seriously. He even quit his job to focus solely on YouTube.

  3. He is entertaining

    This YouTuber has shown that if your content is entertaining, people will come back for more. Sharer has been entertaining people for years now.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He has many cars

    Sharer owns several cars, including two Lamborghini.

  2. He studied robotics

    Sharer pursued studies in mechatronics, automation engineering, and robotics.

  3. His dog is a star

    Baby Otter Sharer is the name of Sharer's pet dog, who has an Instagram account and a YouTube channel with over 200,000 followers.

  4. He is a trained swimmer

    Sharer has a gift for swimming and was a part of his school’s swim team.

  5. He quit his job

    Sharer came back home, gave up his work, and began focusing only on YouTube.

Carter Sharer FAQs

What is Carter Sharer's dog's Instagram?

His handle is @millicapri.

Is Carter Sharer a marvel fan?

Yes, he is and has been spotted wearing their costumes.

Did Carter Sharer get injured

Yes, Sharer got injured when filming a video.

Carter Sharer’s birthday dates

2024October 23Wednesday
2025October 23Thursday
2026October 23Friday
2027October 23Saturday
2028October 23Monday

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