Mina Sundwall

Mina Sundwall was born on October 23, 2001, in New York. She is an actress, director, writer, and photographer and is now based in Los Angeles. She is half Swedish and half Italian and has spent a significant portion of her childhood in Europe as well as New York. She is most widely known for her role as Penny in the Netflix Original show “Lost in Space.” Sundwall began filming the series when she was merely 16 years old and has spent her late teenage years growing up alongside her character on set. This makes for an interesting upbringing and the similarities between her and her onscreen character cannot be ignored.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Mina Sundwall



Birth date:

October 23, 2001



Zodiac Sign:



5' 7.2"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$4.1 million

Mina's Social Media:


Mina Sundwall began acting at an early age. She knew she wanted to pursue a career in the performance industry after watching the movie “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.”

Her first role was at eight months old when she played a baby that had been kidnapped. Her television resume includes stints in the paranormal reality T.V. series “Celebrity Ghost Stories” and the legal and crime drama “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”

Her biggest and most notable television project has been as Penny Robinson on “Lost in Space.” The show follows the Robinson family, which was one of the fortunate few families to be selected to colonize another planet after human survival on Earth becomes threatened. They are attacked and forced to land at a different destination as they make their way to the new planet. In the show, they attempt to adapt to, survive on, and eventually leave this new planet. “Lost in Space” has been nominated for several awards and won an Emmy for ‘Best Visual Effects and Drama of the Year at the E! People’s Choice Awards. It has also won several Visual Effects Society Awards.

Sundwall has also showcased her talent on the big screen and has appeared in several independent movies. She has starred in the horror movie “#Horror,” the romantic comedy “Maggie’s Plan,” and the drama “Freeheld.” She seems to just be getting started, and we look forward to watching her career continue.

Career timeline

The Celebrity Ghost Stories

Mina Sundwall is cast as Kathy in the T.V. series documentary "Celebrity Ghost Stories."

The T.V. Drama Role

Sundwall plays Mia Harris in the television drama "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit."

The Horror Show

She plays the role of Francesca in the sleeper hit "#Horror."

The Role in D.C.'s “Legends of Tomorrow"

Sundwall plays the role of Lita for eight episodes of the series.

The Podcast Series

She plays Jane on the podcast series "Jane Anonymous."

Why We Love Mina Sundwall

  1. She is a global citizen

    We love her diverse heritage of American, Italian, and Swedish. This means she has excellent social skills and great tolerance.

  2. She is a humanitarian

    She has often embarked on trips to various countries to do humanitarian work. She is, in fact, a strong supporter of the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights.

  3. She is multitalented

    Sundwall is a top-notch actress. She is also a photographer, writer, and director.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is musically gifted

    Sundwall also plays the piano and guitar.

  2. She is studious

    Sundwall is extremely studious; she is even a psychology major.

  3. She is multi-lingual

    She speaks French, Spanish, and Swedish.

  4. She wears glasses

    Sundwall has bad eyesight and has to wear glasses.

  5. She attended the United Nations International School

    Sundwall attended the United Nations International School and graduated in 2019.

Mina Sundwall FAQs

What languages does Mina Sundwall speak?

Her first language is English, but she also speaks Italian and Swedish.

Who are Mina Sundwall's parents

Sundwall’s parents are Fredrick Sundwall and Nadia Leonelli.

Is Mina Sundwall on social media?

She is active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

Mina Sundwall’s birthday dates

2024October 23Wednesday
2025October 23Thursday
2026October 23Friday
2027October 23Saturday
2028October 23Monday

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