Miguel, born on October 23, 1985, is a singer, actor, and songwriter from America. He started his musical career at the young age of 13. His single, ‘All I Want is You,’ turned out to be the biggest sleeper hit of 2010 and became his ticket to fame. He emerged as a popular R&B singer and songwriter despite the delay in the release of his debut studio album. He has released four studio albums, has been a featured artist on several music tracks, and has appeared in two movies. He is known for introducing and blending various musical styles in his songs.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Miguel Jontel Pimentel


Mig, Miggy

Birth date:

October 23, 1985



Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$10 million

Miguel's Social Media:


Miguel Jontel Pimentel belongs to the new wave of R&B artists. Born on October 23, 1985, to a Mexican American father and an African American mother, he grew up in San Pedro, California. He was exposed to various styles such as R&B, jazz, funk, classic rock, and hip hop from a young age.

In 2000, Miguel signed with the production company, Drop Squad, and four years later, with the record label, Black Ice. His first studio album titled “Young & Free” was shelved. Although Black Ice finally released a music video for one of his songs, he could not identify with the image and the contract was dissolved. In 2007, he signed up with Jive Records but was sued by Black Ice for recording his debut album “All I Want is You” as a breach of the contract, which delayed the release by two years. In the meantime, he collaborated with several artists, including Blu, Exile, Below the Heavens, Usher, and Asher Roth, and released a mixtape titled “Mischief: The Mixtape.” His debut album was finally released in November 2010 but sank. In May 2011, the single ‘All I Want Is You’ re-entered the Billboard 200, selling more than 400,000 copies in the U.S. In 2012, he released his second album, “Kaleidoscope Dream,” which received critical acclaim. He was given the Grammy Award for ‘Best R&B Song’ for his single ‘Adorn.’ He collaborated with Mariah Carey for his fourth single, ‘#Beautiful,’ which became his third million-selling single in the U.S. In June 2015, he released “Wildheart,” his third studio album; in 2016, he released “Waves”; and in 2017, his fourth album, “War & Leisure,” came out.

He has worked in movies such as “Live by Night” (2016) and “Detroit” (2017), and has been vocal about social issues such as mass incarceration and corruption in immigrant processing. He married actor Nazanin Mandi in November 2018.

Career timeline

He Signs a Production Deal

Miguel signs a deal with Drop Squad, a music production company.

His Contract with Black Label

He signs with the independent record label, Black Ice and starts working on his studio album titled ‘Young & Free.”

He Faces a Lawsuit

Due to a difference in the creative direction, he is sued by Black Ice for breach of contract.

His Debut Album

His debut album, “All I Want is Your Love” is finally released after a two-year delay.

His First Grammy

He wins a Grammy Award for the ‘Best R&B Song’ for ‘Adorn,’ a track from his second album.

His Oscar Performance

He performs a duet from the animated movie “Coco” with Natalia Lafourcade.

Why We Love Miguel

  1. His unique style

    He has been touted as “the greatest R&B singer of the past decade” by the media personality, Charlamagne Tha God. Salaam Remi of L.A. Weekly states that “Miguel is letting his art rule his whole flow.” He can carry off any outfit, be it an Elvis-like tasseled suit, or loud prints, or even sequined outerwear.

  2. He is multi-talented

    Not only is he a Grammy Award-winning singer, but is also a talented guitarist, stage performer, and songwriter. He has co-written songs for artists such as Mary J. Blige and Usher. He has also played minor roles in movies.

  3. He cares for immigrants’ rights

    He has been very vocal about the corrupt immigration practices and detained immigrants being subjected to underpaid labor. His music video, “Now,” was filmed in Adelanto, California, home to the largest immigration processing center in the U.S.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He had a strict upbringing

    His mother was religious and strict with her children; she didn’t allow him to date, smoke, or drink in his teenage years.

  2. The memorable vacation

    He has revealed that he lost his virginity on a family vacation when he was 18.

  3. He enjoys video games

    He manages his writer’s block by playing video games, and “Modern Warfare” is his favorite game.

  4. The matching tattoo

    He has a king of diamonds tattoo while his wife has an accompanying queen of diamonds tattoo.

  5. He is a Marvel fan

    He loves Marvel comics, and his favorite superhero is Wolverine.

Miguel FAQs

Is Miguel Pimentel a Blasian?

No, his mother is African American and his father is Mexican American.

What is Miguel Pimentel famous for?

Miguel is best known for his second album, “Kaleidoscope Dream,” released in 2012, and his single ‘Adorn,’ which earned him a Grammy Award.

Who has Miguel toured for?

He performed the opening act for Sia’s ‘Nostalgic for the Present’ tour, which ran from September to November 2016.

Miguel’s birthday dates

2024October 23Wednesday
2025October 23Thursday
2026October 23Friday
2027October 23Saturday
2028October 23Monday

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