Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan, born on May 13, 1993, started her career in the children’s T.V. show “Barney and Friends,” and became one of the biggest Disney stars shortly after. She starred in many T.V. shows that thousands around the world remember with fondness, and since then she has continued to act. However, her days as a Disney star are long gone and she now stars in more adult series such as the Netflix hit show “Insatiable.” As well as acting, Ryan is also musically talented and is one of the co-founders of her band, The Never Ending. If you want to celebrate her special day, you’re in the right place!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Deborah Ann Ryan


Debby, Debs

Birth date:

May 13, 1993



Zodiac Sign:



5' 4"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$5 million

Deborah's Social Media:


If you watched the Disney Channel in the late 2000s and early 2010s, then we’re sure you found Debby Ryan’s face one that was hard to miss. She was the true embodiment of a Disney star at the time, and while her Disney years are now over, she hasn’t lost that passion for acting that made her a star in the first place. Ryan was born Deborah Ann Ryan in Huntsville, Alabama. Her zodiac sign is Taurus and she is Irish. She is the daughter of Chris Ryan and Sandy Popp Ryan and has one brother named Chase. When she was very young, her family moved to Germany because of her father’s job as a civilian consultant to the military and she lived there until she was 10. There, she began her acting career quite young and started performing in professional theater productions at the age of seven. After that, her family relocated to Texas and Ryan started to appear in commercials in her teenage years. Finally, in 2006, she made her television debut on the “Barney and Friends” show, which led to her film debut a year later in “Barney: Let’s Go to the Firehouse.” She then had her first major role in the film “The Longshots” (2008).

However, her breakthrough wouldn’t come until later in that same year, when Ryan joined the cast of the Disney Channel original series “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” for the show’s spin-off, “The Suite Life On Deck,” which also aired on Disney Channel. In the year it premiered, it became the number-one top-scripted television series for teens, beating well-established shows such as “Hannah Montana” and “Wizards of Waverly Place.” In 2010, she starred in the young adult Disney Channel original movie “16 wishes,” which introduced her to new demographics. In 2011, she made her debut as a musician and released the promotional single ‘Made of Matches,’ which was the theme of Discovery Family’s R.L. Stine’s “The Haunting Hour.” In the same year, Ryan starred in “The Suite Life Movie,” after which the show ended its run. After that she dropped her debut solo single, ‘We Ended Right,’ released through a label she had founded with her brother. Also in 2011, Ryan began to star in a new Disney Channel series called “Jessie,” this time with her as the protagonist. Ryan helped create the show and her character, and she also directed one of its episodes, which made her the youngest woman to ever direct a Disney Channel production.

The following year, she starred in the Disney Channel original movie “Radio Rebel,” and released a cover of The Go-Go’s ‘We Got the Beat’ as the promotional single for the film. In 2012, she lent her voice to the character of Spike in the “Tinker Bell” animated movie franchise. In that same year, Ryan formed her indie band, The Never Ending. The following year, the band released their debut single ‘Mulholland Drive’ and their first E.P., “One.” In 2015, the band released their second single, ‘Secondhand,’ and “Jessie” ended its run. In 2016, Ryan started moving toward more adult roles and starred in season two of NBC’s “The Mysteries of Laura.” That same year, she also starred in the YouTube Red series “Sing It!,” created by The Fine Brothers. In 2017, she joined the VH1 drama series “Daytime Divas.” In 2018, she starred in the Netflix hit dark comedy series “Insatiable,” which was canceled after two seasons in 2020. After that, she starred alongside Alison Brie in the Netflix drama film “Horse Girl”, the comedy film “The Opening Act,” and the Netflix thriller film “Night Teeth” (2021). During this time, she also married Twenty One Pilots drummer Josh Dun.

Career timeline

Ryan Starts Acting

She performs in professional theaters at an American base in Germany.

She Makes Her T.V. Debut

Ryan gets a part in the show “Barney and Friends.”

Ryan Has a Breakthrough

She is cast in “The Suite Life on Deck” and becomes a Disney Channel star.

She Stars in a Disney Channel Movie

Ryan gets the lead role in “16 wishes.”

Ryan Forms a Band

She puts together an indie group called The Never Ending.

She Gets the Lead Role in “Insatiable”

Ryan stars in this Netflix dark comedy.

Why We Love Debby Ryan

  1. Ryan is very passionate about the projects she’s a part of

    So much so, that she got involved with various behind-the-camera aspects of many of them. She helped with the marketing for “16 wishes,” she and her band funded and produced their own music, and she also was an active producer in “Jessie,” aside from directing a few of the show’s episodes. In addition, she has a company called Shadowborn Productions, which produces music videos.

  2. She does what she loves and sticks with it no matter what

    Ryan has known that she loves acting from a very young age, and has pursued it ever since. So far, she has spent most of her life acting, and she will gladly keep it that way.

  3. Ryan is dedicated to important causes

    She was a Disney Friends for Change Ambassador, which took her to India to help build a new school in partnership with Free the Children. She has also worked with the Red Cross and Ronald McDonald House in Los Angeles.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Ryan is committed to friendship

    She has had the same best friend since seventh grade!

  2. She was the school mascot

    Ryan was a mascot when she was in eighth grade and was also part of the school’s chess club!

  3. Ryan loves Spidey

    She has said in interviews that Spiderman is her celebrity crush.

  4. She likes to skateboard

    When she was on tour with her band, she said she took her penny board everywhere.

  5. Ryan dances too

    When she was just starting her career, she danced at places such as Six Flags and malls.

Debby Ryan FAQs

What does Debby Ryan do now?

Ryan continues to act and star in shows, even though her Disney years are long gone.

How old was Debby Ryan during “Jessie”?

When the show premiered, Ryan was 18. She was 22 when it ended.

Does Debby Ryan have a tattoo?

Yes, she has six known tattoos.

Debby Ryan’s birthday dates

2025May 13Tuesday
2026May 13Wednesday
2027May 13Thursday
2028May 13Saturday
2029May 13Sunday

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