Cameron J. Wright

Cameron J. Wright, born on August 30, 2005, is from California, U.S. He developed a love of music from a very young age and when he was just five years old he began to take piano lessons. While nurturing his musical abilities, Wright also discovered that he enjoyed acting and being in front of the camera. He started starring in a few commercials and also doing voiceovers. Wright also enjoyed being on the stage and he was in a few musicals and performed in theater and concert events! He has continued to make headway in the industry and today on his birthday we celebrate all that he’s accomplished over his short career in the entertainment industry!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Cameron J. Wright



Birth date:

August 30, 2005



Zodiac Sign:



5' 1"

Net Worth:

$400 thousand

Cameron's Social Media:


Apart from being a brilliant actor, Cameron J. Wright is an accomplished piano and guitar player who also loves to sing. His debut on the screens was by appearing in commercials and doing voiceovers and pretty much anything else that was bound to get his name out there.

Thanks to his musical talents, in 2014 Wright was cast for the brilliant “Motown: The Musical” where he portrayed a young Berry Gordy, a young Stevie Wonder, and a young Michael Jackson! This musical went on to tour all over the world for one year, giving young Wright an amazing opportunity to further his acting and musical talents. Very soon he was noticed by Netflix and he became a regular on the streaming service playing “Mezzi McKellen” on the sitcom comedy series “Family-Reunion,” which started in 2019.

In the same year, Wright was also cast in the Netflix movie “Tall-girl,” which was a resounding success! As Cameron furthered his abilities as a young star in Hollywood and his popularity began to grow, he decided to get back to other art forms, namely his interest in music. Though he is still a very prominent figure when it comes to his acting, in 2020 the star decided to join Nick Cannon’s “Ncredible Crazy Kids” as the lead singer. This young band of talented stars continues to grow in popularity and we are excited to see what the future holds for them! For someone so young, Cameron has really shown the world what he has got and we cannot wait to see how he furthers his career in both the music and the acting world.

Career timeline

The Musical That Gave Him Exposure

Wright gets prominent roles in “Motown: The Musical” production, which toured all over the world.

The Move Into Sitcom Comedy

Wright gets cast as “Mezzi McKellen” on the sitcom comedy series “Family-Reunion.”

The Debut Into Movie Making

Wright is picked to star in the Netflix movie “Tall-girl,” which premiered in 2019.

The Makings of a Lead Singer

Wright is picked as the lead singer by Nick Cannon's “Ncredible Crazy Kids” band.

Why We Love Cameron J. Wright

  1. He loves his family

    When Wright is not in front of the camera, you will more than likely find the young star enjoying time with his family.

  2. He is very humble

    Wright is an incredibly humble person. Although he is becoming more and more popular every day, he says that he will always remain down to earth!

  3. He supports anti-bullying

    Wright has, on numerous occasions, spoken out against bullying and hopes to one day start an organization dedicated to this cause!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He can play the piano and guitar

    Wright has shown us what makes him a multi-talented artist.

  2. He loves going to amusement parks

    When Wright is not on the stage or in front of the camera, you will most likely find him at an amusement park with his family and friends!

  3. He is also into modeling

    As though he is not already involved in diverse interests, Wright has also taken to modeling!

  4. Nick Cannon is an idol to him

    When he became the lead singer for “Ncredible Crazy Kids”, Wright took to listening to star Nick Cannon and considers him to be an idol!

  5. He was part of Sophia the First

    Very early in his career, Wright bagged a voice-over-job with the animated series “Sofia the First.”

Cameron J. Wright FAQs

What has been Cameron's biggest role

Wright’s most notable role to date has been in the Netflix sitcom series “Family-reunion”.

Is Cameron dating anyone?

While this star is in the spotlight, he tends to keep his private life away from the camera, But, according to his social media, the young star is not dating anyone right now.

Does Cameron still live at home?

Though Wright has grown in popularity, it is important to remember that he is still just 16 and he does still live at home!

Cameron J. Wright’s birthday dates

2024August 30Friday
2025August 30Saturday
2026August 30Sunday
2027August 30Monday
2028August 30Wednesday

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