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Badda TD, born on August 23, 2003, is a rapper based in Brooklyn, New York. He was a well-known figure in his hometown even before his fame. TD recently signed a deal with Sony’s Epic Records, cementing years of hard work and study from one of the hottest young hip-hop artists on the East Coast. His hit single “Feel Like A Boss” has enjoyed widespread airplay in Brooklyn and other tracks from his EP “Prince of Flatbush.” TD represents the future of hip-hop, coming from a generation of young SoundCloud rappers who built a movement without the help of record labels.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Badda TD


The Don

Birth date:

August 23, 2003



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This Brooklyn native’s story reads like something out of a movie, yet in his own words, it’s routine for many people in his hometown of Flatbush. When TD was six, his father got sentenced to 50 years in prison. Lost without a father figure and with a mother who spent most of her time working hard to provide for the family, he turned to music as an outlet.

Thankfully, TD’s uncle was there for him, teaching the child hip-hop history. Together they listened to Nas, 50 Cent, Tupac, and others. As his taste for hip-hop music grew, so did his desire to write his raps. He began experimenting with lyrics and delivery after his father’s incarceration. By the time he was 14, TD had made his first song, “Picture I Paint,” with a music video to accompany it. He racked up 5,000 views in a month. Currently, “Picture I Paint” has 16 million views on YouTube.

TD’s next song, “Gang,” released in 2019, received massive airplay in compilation videos, contributing to millions of views and plays. The music video on his official YouTube channel has over seven million views as of 2022. In 2021, TD doubled down and focused on making more music, releasing “Running Wild,” “Glitch” (featuring fellow New York rapper Rowdy Rebel), “Fame and Clout,” and “Feel Like A Boss,” which has one million views as of 2022. TD’s latest passion project is “The World Is Yours,” his first full-feature studio album.

Career timeline

The First Song

TD records his first song, aged 14.

The Video Goes Viral

TD releases the music video for his song “Picture I Paint.”

The Earworm Song Becomes a Hit

He drops his single “Gang,” the song’s infectious beat and flow become popular with streamers and compilation channels.

The Prince of Flatbush is Released

He releases his EP, “Prince of Flatbush.”

Why We Love Badda TD

  1. He represents the next generation

    TD is an up-and-coming star whose taken Brooklyn by storm, but he won’t stop there. His lyrical flow and style represent the best of the new generation of rappers.

  2. He respects those who came before him

    Unlike most young rappers who made a name for themselves long before getting signed to a label, TD isn’t dismissive of the generations that came before him. He recognizes that they laid the foundation he built his career on.

  3. He’s humble and grounded

    TD shows humility and self-awareness, that’s rare in young musicians. Being titled the ‘King of Flatbush’ hasn’t gone to his head. He still wants to grow as an artist and expand beyond the confines of his hometown.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He doesn’t want to go to college

    TD wasn't interested in higher education from a young age and he has remained focused on his music.

  2. He gives out toys every year

    Since becoming a household name and earning money from his music, TD has given out toys to Brooklyn’s children every Christmas.

  3. He met Pop Smoke

    TD met rapper Pop Smoke a week before his death, and the two planned on working together on a song.

  4. His favorite artist is Lil Wayne

    Though he grew up on old-school hip-hop, TD’s favorite rapper is Lil Wayne.

  5. He’s featured on the NBA soundtrack

    TD’s song “Feel Like A Boss” made it to the “NBA 2K22” soundtrack.

Badda TD FAQs

Who is Badda TD signed to?

Badda TD signed to Epic Records, a record label owned by Sony Music Entertainment.

How old is Badda TD?

Badda TD is 18 years old.

Where is Badda TD from?

Badda TD is from Brooklyn, New York.

Badda TD’s birthday dates

2024August 23Friday
2025August 23Saturday
2026August 23Sunday
2027August 23Monday
2028August 23Wednesday

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