Mark Lee

Lee Min-hyung, professionally known as Mark Lee, born on August 2, 1999, is a K-pop singer and rapper best known for being a member of the N.C.T. group. He has appeared on a South Korean rap show and served as an M.C. for a music show. He’s also a songwriter, having written the words for two of the N.C.T. tracks, and has become one of the group’s unofficial leaders due to his fluency in English.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Lee Min-Hyung


Baby Lion

Birth date:

August 2, 1999



Zodiac Sign:



5' 9"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$5 million

Lee's Social Media:


Lee is a well-known artist whose talent has captivated millions of people worldwide. Lee was born in Vancouver, Canada, and is a rapper, singer, songwriter, dancer, and host of Korean descent. He began his musical career after his parents moved to South Korea from Canada and enrolled him in a music school. He began playing the guitar in his spare time while adjusting to a new life and culture.

In 2012, he opted to participate in the S.M. Global Audition competition, held in Canada, and was selected in the global audition, which led to a more significant opportunity. According to S.M., Lee made his debut as a member of the boy band N.C.T. on April 4, 2016. Entertainment N.C.T. stands for ‘Neo Culture Technology,’ a word coined by S.M. Entertainment’s founder to explain the concept of a group with an infinite number of members organized into multiple sub-units based on specific criteria. Lee was chosen as a member of N.C.T. 127, the second sub-unit, in July 2016, and the group released their debut single, ‘Firetruck.’ Lee created history in August 2016 when he was chosen as a member of N.C.T. Dream’s third sub-unit, making him the only N.C.T. member to have been a part of all three sub-units, earning him the nickname ‘Pro Debut Idol.’

Fans consider Lee to be the best rapper among the N.C.T. members. Mnet, a South Korean music television station, chose him to be a part of their hip-hop show “High School Rapper” in January 2017 because of his rapping talent. He gained even more recognition because he participated in the show. In January 2018, he became the co-host of the M.B.C. T.V. channel’s “Music Core” show while continuing his musical career with N.C.T . He eventually had to leave N.C.T. Dream in August 2018 since he had turned 20 and was no longer a teenager. Lee is also a gifted songwriter, having contributed to the lyrics for ‘The 7th Sense’ and co-writing the lyrics for ‘Mad City.’ When connecting with international fans, he became an unofficial head of the group due to his excellent command of English.

Lee has earlier made headlines due to relationship speculations. According to “KPopStarz,” he was previously rumored to be dating Red Velvet member Wendy since 2014 and was also linked with Former Gugudan and I.O.I. member Mina. They were both students at the School of Performing Arts (S.O.P.A.) and were born in the same year, fueling the speculations. Music Core M.C. is another moniker for them. Lee’s current relationship status is unknown, but his rumored to be single. Additionally, he has kept his followers in the dark about his personal life.

Career timeline

He Joins S.M. Rookies

On December 16, Lee is selected as a member of S.M. Rookies, a pre-debut team of trainees under S.M. Entertainment.

He Stars in a Reality T.V. Show

In January, Lee joins “High School Rapper,” a survival hip hop reality T.V. show that airs on Mnet.

He Lands an Emcee Gig

In February, Lee serves as one of the lead emcees of the music program “Show! Music Core.”

He Lands His First Nomination

Lee is nominated for the ‘Rookie Award in the Music/Talkshow (male category)’ in “Show! Music Core.”

He Becomes a Member of SuperM

On August 7, Lee is confirmed as a member of SuperM, a K-pop supergroup created by S.M. Entertainment in collaboration with Capitol Records.

He Releases His First Single

Lee's first single, 'Child,' is released on February 4 as part of the S.M. Station initiative.

Why We Love Mark Lee

  1. He has his signature style

    Unquestionably, Lee is one of S.M.'s most skilled rappers. He raps with a smooth flow and skillfully combines English and Korean. Due to his many talents, he is a career rapper with a distinctive style and a terrific dancer.

  2. He is handsome

    It's much easier to appreciate someone who looks good, and Lee undoubtedly does. One of the reasons that make him such a well-liked idol is the fact that people adore his visuals.

  3. He is multitalented

    Lee, who is recognized, as S.M. Entertainment's top rapper, creates the rhythms and lyrics for his rap songs. He also serves as one of the team's centers and can be seen quite a lot during the dancing breaks. Fans adore his singing voice as he shouts out acoustic songs while playing the guitar. His SuperM teaser, which has a hard-hitting rap he wrote himself, has received over two million views.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He doesn't use a pillow

    Lee sleeps without a pillow, claiming that sleeping with one is difficult.

  2. He sleep talks

    According to the other N.C.T.members, Lee sleep talks in Konglish.

  3. He wanted to be a writer

    When Lee was younger, he wanted to be a writer or an ice cream man.

  4. He doesn't like horror movies

    Lee does not like horror movies and even prays before watching a scary movie.

  5. He’s a fan of Lucas

    Lee would select Lucas if he had to trade bodies with someone since he has good physical proportions.

Mark Lee FAQs

What is Mark Lee's favorite color?


Does Mark have siblings?

Aside from his parents also has an older brother rumored to be named Lee Jinhyung.

Who wrote Mark Lee's ‘Child?’

The impactful lyrics were written by Lee, with songwriters Ron, Jane, and Dress, who also produced the track. ‘Child’ is one of over 50 writing credits Lee has to his name.

Mark Lee’s birthday dates

2024August 2Friday
2025August 2Saturday
2026August 2Sunday
2027August 2Monday
2028August 2Wednesday

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