Amy Rose

Amy Rose Walker is an Australian YouTuber and content creator born on December 23, 1997. She is best known for her therapeutic endeavors using autonomous sensory meridian response (A.S.M.R.), and yoga-related content, and first published a popular video called “The ONE VIDEO that will bring PEWDIEPIE to 100 MILLION Subs!!!” in 2019. She began her own channel in 2021, amassing over 250,000 subscribers, with some of her more popular mouth sound videos reaching over 150,000 views. Her content is alluring, engaging, and entertaining, and has a special way of triggering well-being in listeners.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Amy Rose Walker


AmyRose Butt

Birth date:

December 23, 1997



Zodiac Sign:



5' 3"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$3 million

Amy's Social Media:


Amy Rose Walker is an Australian YouTuber whose captivating content has earned her an impressive fan base. She’s a Capricorn, born on December 23, 1997, in Australia. Not much is known about her family, upbringing, or educational background, as she has kept a relatively low profile and has published little about herself, but her claim to fame is nearing with each of her unique posts.

In January 2021, she launched her YouTube career by creating a channel called “AmyRose ASMR.” On it, she uploads content that involves speaking in hushed tones and making a number of peculiar sounds to stimulate the senses and bring relaxation to listeners. Only a few days after first appearing online, she uploaded her debut video, “ASMR Plucking Negative Energy,” which received a significant number of likes. By March of that year, she was becoming more in demand, and this spurred her to upload her most popular video thus far, “ASMR Finger Licking and Word Tracing,” quickly amassing 244,000 views. She was only getting started. In November 2021, she created a secondary YouTube channel, “Flexi Amy.” On this platform, she publishes videos of herself in various stretching positions; there, she uploaded her first fitness video “Relaxing Stretching and Yoga!” in December 2021. However, her most popular video was yet to be created: in February 2022, she launched the video titled, “Leg and back stretches in the park,” which garnered 7.2 million views in only a few weeks.

As a talented YouTuber, she has accumulated an impressive number of fans in relatively little time. She has 39,000 subscribers on her A.S.M.R. channel and 273,000 on her stretching channel. Outside of YouTube, she has amassed 280,000 Instagram followers. Her content is captivating, and while she has achieved huge success, there is no information about her romantic relationships.

Career timeline

January 2021
Her YouTube Channel Launch

She launches her YouTube channel, “AmyRose ASMR.”

March 2021
Her Most Popular Video

She uploads “ASMR Finger Licking and Word tracing,” her most popular video.

November 2021
A Second YouTube Channel

She starts her other YouTube channel, “Flexi Amy.”

February 2022
She Launches another Winner

She uploads “Leg and back stretches in the park,” which becomes the video with the most views on her secondary channel.

Why We Love Amy Rose

  1. Her content is unique

    She creates unique, creative content. Her followers always come back for more.

  2. She’s motivated and hardworking

    She manages several social media accounts, while consistently creating and uploading content. She’s very industrious.

  3. Her charming personality

    Her lovely, open personality comes across in all her videos. It’s one of the many reasons her fans love her.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She has an OnlyFans account

    She has an account on the social media trade platform, OnlyFans.

  2. She has two Instagram accounts

    Rose has two accounts on this platform, one of which she uses for pictures, and the other for videos.

  3. Her content suits many tastes

    She is known for her versatility as a “soundcaster,” and provides soothing sounds as well as more stimulating experiences to her listeners.

  4. She loves going to the gym

    She is a gym rat and can often be seen at the gym.

  5. She’s often in a bikini

    She loves showing off her physique in a bikini.

Amy Rose FAQs

What color is Amy Rose’s hair?

She is a natural blonde.

What color are Amy Rose’s eyes?

She has blue eyes.

How many years has Amy Rose been on YouTube?

She has been on YouTube since 2021.

Amy Rose’s birthday dates

2024December 23Monday
2025December 23Tuesday
2026December 23Wednesday
2027December 23Thursday
2028December 23Saturday

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