Alexa Demie

Alexa Demie was born on December 11, 1990. She is an actress, singer, and songwriter who has appeared in films such as “Brigsby Bear,” (2017) “Mid90s,” (2018), and “Waves” (2019). Before landing her starring role as Maddy Perez in the 2019 series “Euphoria,” she had recurring parts as Shairee in “Ray Donovan” (2013) and “Marina in Love” (2016). Demie began creating music and poetry at 12 in Los Angeles, California. She made her acting debut in the film “Miles,” a short racing adventure, in 2015. In 2017, she launched her first music single, ‘Girl Like Me.’

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Alexa Demie Wilson

Birth date:

December 11, 1990



Zodiac Sign:



5' 4"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$3 million

Alexa's Social Media:


Alexa Demie was born in Los Angeles to Rose Mendez and Scott Wilson Vanerstrom and was raised by her mother, grandmother, and aunts. Her mother is a makeup artist who immigrated to the United States from her birthplace of Michoacán, Mexico in the 1980s. She grew up around her family speaking English and Spanish. Demie legally changed her name from Alexa Demie Wilson Vanerstrom to just Alexa Demie on April 5, 2019. She has been dating Christian Berishaj, also known as J.M.S.N., a singer-songwriter, since 2017. Their relationship is private, although Demie has appeared in a few of his music videos. She bought a box of wholesale sunglasses in high school and decorated them with jewels and other embellishments. She received a retail order for a Japanese boutique, and the glasses became popular with A-list celebrities such as G-Dragon, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicki Minaj. She also began writing songs in high school. Demie had planned to become a fashion designer, but after attending an art school orientation in New York, she changed her mind.

Demie landed the lead role in “The Godmother,” a canceled biopic about Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco, after appearing in a short film for a friend. Her professional acting career began with a role in the 2015 short film “Miles,” which led to her signing with an agency. She went on to guest star on “Ray Donovan” and “Love,” as well as the second season of the drama television series, “The O.A.” as Ingrid, a bilingual gamer. Demie has two singles: ‘Girl Like Me’ and ‘Leopard Limo.’ She also appeared on Pearl’s 2016 single, ‘Turnin’ Tricks.’ Demie was cast for the role of Maddy in “Euphoria” after initially auditioning for another character after appearing in well-received projects such as “Brigsby Bear,” “Mid90s,” and “The O.A.”

Demie is currently working on a feature film about her mother, who immigrated to Los Angeles at a young age from Mexico. She will play her mother in the film which follows her life in the 1980s Hollywood club scene.

Career timeline

She Makes Her On-Screen Debut

Demie makes her on-screen debut as a video vixen in Azealia Banks' music video for ‘A.T.M. Jam.’

She Begins Her Acting Career

Her professional acting career begins with a role in the short film “Miles,” which leads to her signing with an agency.

She Releases Her Debut Single

She releases her debut single, ‘Girl Like Me,’ and is featured on Pearl's single ‘Turnin' Tricks.’

She Lands a Role in Euphoria

Demie begins starring in “Euphoria” as Maddy Perez, a confident, witty, and popular adolescent girl in an abusive relationship with psychotic football quarterback Nate Jacobs.

Why We Love Alexa Demie

  1. She knows how to break the Internet

    Demie has an understanding of how to create ripples in the online world. She once provided a dream clip with effortless lip-syncing to Zion & Lennox's ‘Yo Voy’ with sultry lip gloss application and stunning body rolls.

  2. She is a powerhouse talent

    We all knew Demie could act by this point, but little did we know about her singing talent! While her Spotify only has two tracks, her 2021 release, ‘Leopard Limo,’ is enough to make us want an E.P. – which is in the works. A melancholy Lana Del Rey-esque sound prevails, with her smoky vocals layering over the wind of sultry production, proving that she has an affinity for tune-crafting.

  3. Her association with celebrities

    Demie has often been spotted going to pilates with another internet sensation, Hailey Bieber. The supermodel is one of Demie's famous friends, and when they aren't hitting up workout classes, they are going out to dinner in matching coats.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Nobody knows how old Demie is

    While internet sources speculate that she is 31, the lack of confirmation and endless speculation is just one of the many factors contributing to Demie's status as a true icon.

  2. Demie inadvertently broke Sydney Sweeney's toe

    Sydney Sweeney, Demie's “Euphoria” co-star, revealed that her toe was stepped on and "exploded" on the final day of filming.

  3. Her social detox vacation

    Demie went to Tulum, Mexico, in an attempt to go phone and television-free when the first season of “Euphoria” premiered in June 2019.

  4. She sometimes does her own makeup

    In several episodes of “Euphoria”, Demie did her own makeup.

  5. She draws inspiration from Sharon Stone

    Demie admitted she draws her acting inspiration from Sharon Stone’s character in “Casino.”

Alexa Demie FAQs

What are some of the beauty tricks that Alexa Demie swears by?

During quarantine, she became obsessed with skincare and purchased an at-home steamer. She has been performing full facials in which she steams her skin. Facial rollers, massagers, and bubble clay masks are among her favorite tools.

What did Alexa Demie want to be while growing up?

Demie used to draw designs as a child and dreamed of becoming a designer. She was accepted to Otis College of Art and Design but dropped out soon after because she realized school wasn’t for her.

What is Alexa Demie's weight?

Demie weighs 53 kg (approximately).

Alexa Demie’s birthday dates

2024December 11Wednesday
2025December 11Thursday
2026December 11Friday
2027December 11Saturday
2028December 11Monday

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