August 4th Birthdays

We have 8 birthdays listed for August 4.

August 4th is the 216th day in the Gregorian calendar. In 1944, Anne Frank was arrested by Nazi police. In 2007, NASA's Phoenix spacecraft is launched on a Mars exploration. President Barack Obama and Cole and Dylan Sprouse were born on this day. National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day and National Coast Guard Day are celebrated on August 4th.


Marques Houston’s Birthday

His consistency and hard work have led to him becoming the best at what he does.


Louis Armstrong’s Birthday

Armstrong’s contribution to jazz is immeasurable. He transformed it from folk into a serious art form.


Lil Skies’s Birthday

Music has been a part of this talented rapper’s life since he was a child.


Kyle Cooke’s Birthday

This engaging television and social media star has his fans’ eyes glued to their screens.


Cole Sprouse’s Birthday

We celebrate this talented actor who has built a huge name for himself in the industry.


Bobby Shmurda’s Birthday

This man carved his name in music history by creating a trademark unique to himself.