August 26th Birthdays

We have 9 birthdays listed for August 26.

August 26 is the 238th day of the Gregorian calendar. On this day, Captain James Cook set sail on the HMS Endeavour, women got the right to vote via the 19th amendment, and the Mercedez-Benz Stadium opened in Atlanta. Famous birthdays include Chris Pine, Mother Teresa, and Melissa McCarthy. August 26 also marks National Dog Day and Raksha Bandhan.


King Cid’s Birthday

Let's learn more about the budding YouTube star right here as we celebrate his birthday.


Lil Tecca’s Birthday

Lil Tecca, an exceptionally talented M.C., is taking over the New York rap scene.


Keke Palmer’s Birthday

Actress, singer, and songwriter — Palmer is the true definition of a born star.


John Mulaney’s Birthday

Comedian, stand-up actor, producer, and writer: Meet John Mulaney, one of America’s comedy icons.


James Harden’s Birthday

Meet James Harden, N.B.A. star and professional basketball player for the Houston Rockets.


Dylan O'Brien’s Birthday

For this young and prominent actor, the future gets brighter by the minute.


Ayla Woodruff’s Birthday

The Instagram star is taking over the internet. Today, we celebrate her special day.