Day: April 30, 2017

National Honesty Day – April 30

We know the different types of lies. We’ve spared someone’s feelings or fudged the truth just a little or maybe told an all out lie. National Honesty Day — observed nationally on Apr. 30 — challenges us to be truthful in all we do. The day was created in the early 1990s by M. Hirsh Goldberg, author of The Book of Lies. He placed the day strategically on the last day of April to balance out April Fool's Day at the beginning of the month.

National Raisin Day – April 30

On National Raisin Day on April 30 we celebrate to America’s favorite sun-soaked snack. When it comes to raisins, there are generally two groups of people, those that love them and those that believe they ruin a perfectly good cinnamon bagel. But whether you find these wrinkly fruits irresistible or believe they should have stayed out in the sun where people found them, it’s hard to deny the impact these sweet snacks have had on history, pop culture, and cuisine. Raisins show up throughout history and literature as a hardy, transportable snack for everyone from the Egyptians to Christopher Columbus to George Washington. And of course, those little red raisin boxes are a classic symbol of childhood.
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