Day: February 26, 2017

National Pistachio Day – February 26

Sometimes great things really do come in small packages. Known as the “happy nut” in China and the “smiling nut” in the Middle East, pistachios have a unique, small shape but pack a powerfully nutritious punch. Aside from having a great smile, these vibrant green nuts let you snack your way to good health by containing as much protein as an egg per serving and myriad of other nutrients. They are part of a very nutty, yet irritating family of plants, the evergreen family, which includes mangoes, pistachios, cashews, and yup... poison ivy! Aside from their curious genealogy, pistachio's incredible health benefits sure give other nuts a run for the money! Stock up on these gloriously green nuts because today on Feb. 26 we celebrate them with National Pistachio Day—an excuse for pistachio lovers worldwide to snack on their favorite nut all day long.
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